World-Wide Navigational Warning Service Sub-Committee (WWNWS)

2nd WWNWS SC Meeting
Sydney, Australia, 9 - 13 August 2010

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Document No

Document Title

WWNWS2/1/5 Final Agenda
WWNWS2/1/6A Status of Action Items from WWNWS1 corrected to 4 June 2010
WWNWS2/2/1A GMDSS Update
WWNWS2/3/1A Outcome of COMSAR 14
WWNWS2/3/2-I Self Assessment NAVAREA I
WWNWS2/3/2-I-SubArea Self Assessment Baltic Sub Area
WWNWS2/3/2-II Self Assessment NAVAREA II
WWNWS2/3/2-III Self Assessment NAVAREA III
WWNWS2/3/2-IV&XII Self Assessment NAVAREAs IV and XII
WWNWS2/3/2-V Self Assessment NAVAREA V
WWNWS2/3/2-VI Self Assessment NAVAREA VI
WWNWS2/3/2-VII Self Assessment NAVAREA VII
WWNWS2/3/2-VIII Self Assessment NAVAREA VIII
WWNWS2/3/2-IX Self Assessment NAVAREA IX
WWNWS2/3/2-X Self Assessment NAVAREA X
WWNWS2-/3/2-X-A Terms used in Navigational warnings- submitted by NAVAREA X
WWNWS2/3/2-XI Self Assessment NAVAREA XI
WWNWS2/3/2-XIII Self Assessment NAVAREA XIII
WWNWS2/3/2-XIV Self Assessment NAVAREA XIV
WWNWS2/3/2-XV Self Assessment NAVAREA XV
WWNWS2/3/2-XVI Self Assessment NAVAREA XVI
WWNWS2/3/2-XIX Self Assessment NAVAREA XIX
WWNWS2/3/2-XX&XXI Self Assessments NAVAREAs XX and XXI
WWNWS2/3/3/1A NAVTEX Co-ordinating Panel Report
WWNWS2/3/3/3A WMO Liaison Report
WWNWS2/3/3/3B WMO Presentation at WWNWS2
WWNWS2/3/3/5A NAVAREA Co-ordination of Piracy Warnings
WWNWS2/3/4/2A Inmarsat Presentation at WWNWS2
WWNWS2/3/5/1A & 4A Report on e-Navigation and GMDSS Review
WWNWS2/3/5/3A Navigation overlays in ECDIS
WWNWS2/4/1A WWNWS Document Review Status Report
WWNWS2/4/5A Draft Revised NAVTEX Manual (pdf Version)
WWNWS2/4/5A Draft Revised NAVTEX Manual (Zipped Word Version)
WWNWS2/4/5B Comments received on the draft NAVTEX Manual to be reviewed and decided upon at thw WWNWS2 meeting in Sydney.
WWNWS2/4/5C Proposed new abbreviations for inclusion in the NAVTEX Manual from Sweden
WWNWS2/4/6A PS for EGC Equipment
WWNWS2/4/7A Guideline on operational procedures for the broadcast of MSI concerning acts of piracy and piracy counter-measure operations.
WWNWS2/4/8A Broadcast of warnings for Tsunamis and other natural disasters
WWNWS2/4/9A Terms of Reference for the WWNWS Sub-Committee
WWNWS2/8/3A Questions regarding NAVTEX Messages from Sweden