World-Wide Navigational Warning Service Sub-Committee (WWNWS)

3rd WWNWS SC Meeting
IHB, Monaco, 13 - 16 September 2011

21 oct. 2011 09:35:18 +0200

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Document Title

WWNWS3-Participants List of participants
WWNWS3-1-3A Working Arrangements
WWNWS3-1-5A-Rev1 Provisional Agenda Rev 1 dated 12 August
WWNWS3-1-6-(03 August 2011) Action Items from WWNWS2 - Corrected to 03 August 2011
WWNWS3-2-3A Proposal to change Annex 8 of the GMDSS Master Plan
WWNWS3-3-1A Report on the outcome of COMSAR15
WWNWS3-3-2-I Self Assessment NAVAREA I
WWNWS3-3-2-I-Baltic Self Assessment NAVAREA I Sub-Area Baltic
WWNWS3-3-2-II Self Assessment NAVAREA II
WWNWS3-3-2-III Self Assessment NAVAREA III
WWNWS3-3-2-IV&XII Self Assessments NAVAREAs IV and XII
WWNWS3-3-2-V Self Assessment NAVAREA V
WWNWS3-3-2-VI Self Assessment NAVAREA VI
WWNWS3-3-2-VII Self Assessment NAVAREA VII
WWNWS3-3-2-VIII-Rev2 Self Assessment NAVAREA VIII Rev2
WWNWS3-3-2-XI Self Assessment NAVAREA IX
WWNWS3-3-2-X Self Assessment NAVAREA X
WWNWS3-3-2-X-Add1 Self Assessment NAVAREA X Additional Information
WWNWS3-3-2-XI-Rev1 Self Assessment NAVAREA XI Rev1 + PowerPoint Slides
WWNWS3-3-2-XIII Self Assessment NAVAREA XIII
WWNWS3-3-2-XIV Self Assessment NAVAREA XIV
WWNWS3-3-2-XV Self Assessment NAVAREA XV
WWNWS3-3-2-XVI Self Assessment NAVAREA XVI
WWNWS3-3-2-XIX Self Assessment NAVAREA XIX
WWNWS3-3-2-XX&XXI Self Assessments NAVAREAs XX and XXI
WWNWS3-3-3-1A NAVTEX Panel Report
WWNWS3-3-3-3A WMO Liaison Report
WWNWS3-3-3-4A Contingency Planning
WWNWS3-3-4-1A Presentation by Inmarsat
WWNWS3-3-4-2A MSI Questionnaire
WWNWS3-3-4-3A Outcome of NAVAREA XI Regional Conference to discuss Navigational Warnings Overlays in ECDIS
WWNWS3-3-4-3B Outcome of NAV57 on e-navigation
WWNWS3-3-4-3C Presentation by France
WWNWS3-4-1A Document Review Status Report
WWNWS3-4-1B Action Items from the 9th Document Review WG Meeting (5 August 2011)
WWNWS3-4-2A Long Term NAVAREA Warnings
WWNWS3-4-2B List of "old" NAVAREA warnings still in force
WWNWS3-4-2C Current text of resolutions A.705(17), as amended, and A.706(17), as amended.
WWNWS3-4-3A Use of chart numbers in NAVAREA warnings
WWNWS3-4-3B Current text of the Joint IMO/IHO/WMO Manual on MSI
WWNWS-3-4-4A Text of the International SafetyNET Manual - In force 1 January 2012
WWNWS-3-4-5A Text of the NAVTEX Manual - In force 1 January 2013
WWNWS-3-4-6A Text of IMO resolutions A.664(16) and MSC.306(87)
WWNWS-3-4-7A Text of IMO resolution MSC.305(87)
WWNWS-3-4-8A Text of COMSAR Circ.36
WWNWS-3-4-9A Text of WWNWS Sub-Committee's Terms of Reference
WWNWS3-4-10A World-Wide Met-Ocean Information and Warning Service
WWNWS3-4-11A SafetyNET Users' Handbook
WWNWS3-6-2A-Rev1 Provisional Agenda for WWNWS4 in 2012 Rev1 dated 16 August 2011
WWNWS3-9-2A-Rev1 Possible interference to S Band Radar Rev1 dated 16 August 2011
WWNWS3_Why-Broadcast-MSI Working document on the need to broadcast MSI