5th CSPCWG Meeting
Sydney, Australia, (18-21 November 2008) 

Last update: février 25, 2010

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Document No

Document Title

CSPCWG5-01A rev.3

List of Documents

CSPCWG5-01B rev.2

List of Meeting Participants and WG Members

CSPCWG5-02A rev.3


CSPCWG5-03A rev.1 Status of Actions from CSPCWG-4
CSPCWG5-04.1A CSPCWG report to CHRIS-20
CSPCWG5-04.1B rev.1 Chairman’s Notes from CHRIS 20, November 2008
CSPCWG5-04.2A Report of TSMAD activities
CSPCWG5-04.3A Report of CSMWG activities
CSPCWG5-05A CSPCWG Terms of Reference (with draft changes agreed at CSPCWG4)
CSPCWG5-05B rev.1 TOR discussion paper
CSPCWG5-06A rev.1 CSPCWG Procedures (agreed at CSPCWG-4)
CSPCWG5-06B rev.1 Procedures discussion paper
CSPCWG5-07A Updated work plan
CSPCWG5-08.3A Pipelines in tunnels
CSPCWG5-08.4A Charting bridge supports and detail under bridges
CSPCWG5-08.5A Offshore Renewable Energy Installations (OREI)
CSPCWG5-08.6A New complementary option for symbolising Unsurveyed and Inadequately Surveyed Areas
CSPCWG5-08.7A New ‘Tidal’ TR A2.16: adding epoch to Chart Datum
CSPCWG5-08.9A Emissions Control Areas
CSPCWG5-08.10A Disused, abandoned or dismantled platforms
CSPCWG5-08.11A New symbol for K47 Shellfish Beds
CSPCWG5-09.1A Use of pictures/photographs in M-4
CSPCWG5-09.2A Symbol library (see CSPCWG Letter 13/09)
CSPCWG5-09.3A B-600 draft
CSPCWG5-09.3B B-600 Chart Maintenance – draft New Section, discussion paper
CSPCWG5-09.4A T&P NMs to be used with ENCs
CSPCWG5-09.5A B-480-499 draft
CSPCWG5-10.1.2A Suggested new format for M-11, part B
CSPCWG5-10.2A rev.1 Draft New Edition of M-15
CSPCWG5-10.3A S-49
CSPCWG5-11.1A Report of INT1 subWG
CSPCWG5-11.2A Proposal for new INT abbreviation: MRCC (Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre)
CSPCWG5-11.3A Removal of INT1 section W and/or highlighting section V
CSPCWG5-11.4A Explanation of ‘Recommended’ in INT1
CSPCWG5-12.1A Sharing experience of marine incidents and possible impacts for charts
CSPCWG5-INF1 Review of the content of INT1 sections G and O