7th CSPCWG Meeting
Simon's Town near Cape Town, South Africa, 23-26 November 2010 

Last update: January 24, 2011

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CSPCWG7-01A rev4

List of Documents

CSPCWG7-01B rev3

List of Meeting Participants and WG Members

CSPCWG7-02A rev4


CSPCWG7-03A rev1 Status of Actions from CSPCWG6
CSPCWG7-04.1A Report to HSSC2 of CSPCWG
CSPCWG7-04.1B Report from HSSC2 notes from CSPCWG Chairman
CSPCWG7-04.2A Report to CSPCWG7 on DIPWG activities
CSPCWG7-04.3A Report to CSPCWG7 on TSMADWG activities
CSPCWG7-04.4A Report of the ENC Updating Working Group (EUWG)
CSPCWG7-05A Terms of Reference for CSPCWG
CSPCWG7-06A CSPCWG Procedures
CSPCWG7-07A CSPCWG Work Plan update for HSSC2
CSPCWG7-08.3A Depiction of Surveys on Source Diagrams
CSPCWG7-08.4A Historic Wreck at INT1 N26
CSPCWG7-08.6A Lighthouses
CSPCWG7-08.7A Depiction of Reed Beds
CSPCWG7-08.8A Symbol for Diving prohibited
CSPCWG7-08.8B Symbol for Diving Prohibited some history
CSPCWG7-08.9A Generic Symbol for Lights in Multicoloured charts
CSPCWG7-08.10A Depiction of lights on platforms on multicoloured charts
CSPCWG7-08.11A Depiction of imprecise shoal depth areas
CSPCWG7-09.1A Need to revise S-4 A400
CSPCWG7-09.2A Colours under bridge lighting
CSPCWG7-09.3A Sub-surface Operations
CSPCWG7-09.4A GPS vulnerability consequences for charting
CSPCWG7-09.5A Enhancements to support ENC / paper chart consistency of presentation
CSPCWG7-09.6A Colour Annotation on Paper Charts
CSPCWG7-11.1A Report of the INT1 subWG
CSPCWG7-11.1B Report of INT1 subWG Meeting, Cadiz, Spain, 16-17 June 2010
CSPCWG7-11.2A INT1/S52 combined publication
CSPCWG7-11.3A Restructure of INT1 section K
CSPCWG7-INF1 Wharfside obstructions
CSPCWG7-INF2 Definition of superbuoy
CSPCWG7-INF3 Development dredging
CSPCWG7-INF4 Red dot areas