Nautical Information Provision Working Group (NIPWG)

  21 - 24 March 2016 (IHB, Monaco)

Last update: 29 April 2016

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21 Dec.2015


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List of Documents (this html page)
NIPWG2-01B 14 March 2016 List of Participants
NIPWG2-02 Rev6

14 March 2016

Agenda ( .doc , .pdf )
NIPWG2-02.2 14 March 2016 Provisional Annotated Agenda ( .doc )
NIPWG2-03 1 Dec.2015 Minutes of NIPWG-1
NIPWG2-04   21 March 2016 Status of Work
NIPWG2-05.1   22 Jan. 2016 Information of HSSC-7 affecting NIPWG
NIPWG2-05.2   S-100 WG report
NIPWG2-06.1 21 March 2016Concept of DCEG Editor and Prototype Development - Presentation
NIPWG2-06.2   21 March 2016 Update on S-100 Registry Interface and Test Operation
NIPWG2-06.3   10 Feb. 2016 Status of the S-100 extension proposed by NIPWG and its
- Annex A: Fuzzy Areas Spatial Model – Approximate Areas for Nautical Information Specifications
- Annex B: Restructuring of the S-100 Registry
- Annex C: Request of Unique Identifier (UI) availability in S-100
NIPWG2-06.4   21 March 2016  Update to S-100 Feature Catalogue Builder (FCB) v2.0

NIPWG2-07.1 Rev1
  21 March 2016 Progress in the development of the S-100 Product Specification for Navigational Warnings (S-124)
NIPWG2-07.2  21 March 2016 Development of a format for sending additional areas (SAR-areas, Sailrace warning)

NIPWG2-09.1   MonaLisa Project: Presentation of the ongoing work
NIPWG2-11.1 Rev1
  21 March 2016 IHMA Activities affecting NIPWG
Presentation (AVANTI: Access to Validated Nautical Information)
NIPWG2-11.2 21 March 2016 The importance on giving HO guidelines regarding Additional Nautical Information
NIPWG2-13.1 21 March 2016 NIPWG input into the IHO Strategic Plan and the IHO 3 year work plan

NIPWG2-20.3  1 Feb. 2016Portrayal of MPA and generic portrayal development
NIPWG2-20.4  1 Feb. 2016Overview of DCEG status
NIPWG2-20.5 Rev1
  3 Feb. 2016Data model harmonisation and improvement
NIPWG2-20.6   22 March 2016 Extension of the MPA Model: MARPOL Charts. Content and Description

NIPWG2-22.1  26 Feb. 2016

Status of S-126 Product Specification for Physical Environment (and its Annex: Test Data Set – V2.2)

NIPWG2-24.1  1 March 2016 Status of S-127 Product Specification for Traffic Management (and its Annex: Test Data Set)

NIPWG2-26.1   22 March 2016 Status of S-123 Product Specification for Radio Services and its
- Annex A Rev1: Final Test Data Sample
- Annex B: Radio Service Mapping

NIPWG2-28.1   22 March 2016 Status of S-125 Product Specification for Navigational Services (and its Rev1 Annex: Initial Test Data Set – Jussland Navigational Services )
NIPWG2-29.1 22 March 2016 Status of S-128 Product Specification for Catalogue of Nautical Products
NIPWG2-30.1 14 March 2016 Outcome of IMO/NCSR3

NIPWG2-33.1 Rev1
  16 March 2016

IMO’s e-Navigation Maritime Service Portfolio (MSP): E-navigation – New output on harmonized Maritime Service Portfolios (MSC 96/23/7)

NIPWG2-35.1 22 March 2016 Update from IALA ENAV18   ( Presentation 1 ) ( Presentation 2 )
Annex A , Annex B
NIPWG2-35.2 22 March 2016 IALA developments of e-Navigation services (Doc.1 , Doc. 2, Doc. 3)

NIPWG2-35.2   22 Jan. 2016 NCSR 3/10: Use of a testbed to prove technology for the Revised guidelines and criteria for ship reporting systems (resolution MSC.43(64))

NIPWG2-37.1 4 March 2016 Impact of the IMO Polar Code on NIPWG Work - Polar Code
Presentation Rev1

NIPWG2-39.1 22 March 2016 Status of IALA’s proposal for Maritime Resource Names (MRN)
Update from IALA ENAV18 on MRN

NIPWG2-40 3 March 2016 Current NIPWG Terms of Reference

NIPWG2-43  22 Jan. 2016NIPWG Work Plan 2016-17 ( .doc , .pdf )
NIPWG2-46 23 March 2016 Status of HSSC7 Actions assigned to NIPWG ( .doc )