4th Meeting - IHO Secretariat Monaco
(13-14 JUNE 2019)

Last updated - à jour 09/08/2019


Chair: Al Armstrong (USA)
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MISC Documents
  Logistics Information and Online Registration  
S-101PT4-1.1 List of Documents (this document)  
S-101PT4-1.2 List of Participants  
S-101PT4-2 Agenda (Ver 5) 07 Jun
S-101PT4-2.1 S-101PT Actions from HSSC11 05 Jun
S-101PT4-2.2 S-101PT Actions from S-100WG4 09 Jun
S-101PT4-2.3 S-101 Way Forward (from HSSC11) 05 Jun
S-101PT4-3 S-101 Components  

S-101 Main Document

S-101 Road Map items from S-101PT3

29 May
S-101PT4-3.2 S-101 DCEG  
S-101PT4-3.3 S-101 Feature Catalogue  
S-101PT4-3.4 S-101 Portrayal Catalogue  
S-101PT4-3.5 S-101 Validation Checks                                                                     [Presentation] 29 May
S-101PT4-3.6 S-101 Data Encryption and Authentication Guide  
S-101PT4-4 S-101PT Reports  
S-101PT4-4.1 Report on the Status of the IHO Registry 05 Jun
S-101PT4-4.2 Report on the Feature Catalogue Builder Application            [Presentation]  [Validation] 13 Jun
S-101PT4-4.3 Report on the Portrayal Catalogue Builder Application                            [Presentation] 13 Jun

Update on the S-57 to S-101 Convertor

S-57 Removed and Remodelled Items (.xlsx)


04 Jun

S-101PT4-4.5 SPAWAR - S-100 Viewer – Status update  
S-101PT4-4.6 KHOA - S-100/S-101 Viewer – Status update 11 Jun
S-101PT4-4.7 S-101 Test Datasets  
S-101PT4-4.7.1 S-101 ENC Conversion 04 Jun
S-101PT4-4.8 S-57 to S-101 Conversion Study 31 May
S-101PT4-4.9 DQWG - Quality of Bathymetric Data Visualization and Validation Checks 06 Jun
S-101PT4-4.10 S-100 Data Protection for S-101 ENC Distribution Services 11 Jun
S-101PT4-4.11 NCWG Activities Affecting S-101 Development 05 Jul

S-57 to S-101 Portrayal Gap Analysis

NCWG Gap Analysis (2017) (.xls)

PCB New Features (IIC Investigation) (.xlsx)

29 May
S-101PT4-4.13 S-101 UML Model 04 Jun
S-101PT4-4.14 NIWC Testbed Report                                                                         [Presentation]  
S-101PT4-4.15 S-101 Portrayal Study 05 Jul
S-101PT4-5 S-101PT Proposals  
S-101PT4-5.1 Offshore Solar Farms                                                                          [Presentation] 20 May

DCEG Changes for S-101 Edition 2.0.0

Redline Draft S-101 DCEG Ed 2.0.0 (.doc, .pdf); 

S-101 DCEG Change Log (.xls)

29 May
S-101PT4-5.3 Proposal of Alternate Options for Display Scale 25 May
S-101PT4-5.4 Quality of Horizontal Measurement 29 May
S-101PT4-5.5 Sector Extension Portrayal Attribute 31 May
S-101PT4-5.6 S-101 Additional Portrayal Considerations 05 Jun