9-12 July 2007, IHB, Monaco


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  Report of SCUFN-19

SCUFN20-01A rev.5

List of Documents

SCUFN20-01B rev.6

List of Participants


SCUFN Membership and Observers List

SCUFN20-02A rev.3



Current status of the new Terms of Reference and Rules of Procedures - Letter to Chairman of GEBCO, post-IHC17

SCUFN20-04.2A Japanese/English Version of B-6, 3rd Edition (Draft)
SCUFN20-05A List of Actions from SCUFN/19 
SCUFN20-05B (doc) Undersea Feature Names in the Ross Sea
SCUFN20-05C Action Items from Y. Ohara
SCUFN20-05D List of Articles referring to Ogasawara Plateau (Y. Ohara)
SCUFN20-05E Names Transliteration (G. Agapova)
SCUFN20-05F Notes on several SCUFN/20 agenda items (T. Palmer)
SCUFN20-06.1A Proposal by DHN, Peru, May 2006
SCUFN20-06.2A Proposals by HDNO, Russia, April 2007
SCUFN20-06.3A Proposals by AWI, Germany, May 2007
SCUFN20-06.4A Proposals by Yuzhmorgeologiya, Russia, May 2007
SCUFN20-06.5A Proposals by NORI, Rep of Korea, June 2007
SCUFN20-06.6A Proposals by JCUFN, Japan, June 2007, with revised figure (June 2018)
SCUFN20-06.7A Proposals by Dobrolubova Geological Institute, Russia, June 2007
SCUFN20-07.1A ACUF Comments on June 2007 GEBCO SCUFN Gazetteer (T. Palmer)
SCUFN20-07.2A   Reports of ACUF Meetings and Proposals
SCUFN20-09.1A Current Development for on-line Database Management
SCUFN20-10.1A (doc) Unnamed Seamounts in the Central Pacific Ocean