IHO-IOC GEBCO Sub-Committee on Undersea Feature Names (SCUFN)

24th SCUFN Meeting
12th to 16th  September 2011 (Beijing, China)

Last update: juin 30, 2013

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Report of SCUFN-23


                     SCUFN Letter 01/2011          Registration Form (.doc)         
         SCUFN-24 1st Circular (visas, hotels)          SCUFN-24 2nd Circular (hotel)


GEBCO Gazetteer May 11 (.xls)          Reserve Section May 11 (.xls)


SCUFN24-01A rev3 List of Meeting Documents
SCUFN24-01B rev3 List of Participants
SCUFN24-01C  Members and Observers of SCUFN
SCUFN24-01D Terms of Reference and Rules of Procedures for SCUFN
SCUFN24-02A rev7 Agenda
SCUFN24-02B rev2 Timetable
SCUFN24-03.1A rev4 List of Actions from SCUFN-23 and Status
SCUFN24-03.1B Letter to AWI, Germany, on Beiersdorf Peak
SCUFN24-03.1C Letter to SHOA, Chile, on Arauco Basin, Chiloé Basin, Valdivia Basin and Valparaiso Basin
SCUFN24-03.1D Letter to CIOH, Colombia, on Alice / Alicia Shoal – Alice / Alicia Gap and Calarca Reef
SCUFN24-03.1E rev1 Shape files for Joban Seamount Chain (.zip)
SCUFN24-03.1F Polygons describing the extend of Hegemann Hill, Varenius Hill and Koldewey Seamount
SCUFN24-03.1G Polygons defining the flat portion of Maceió Norte Terrace and Maceió Sul Terrace
SCUFN24-03.1H Map showing the proposed Nathaniel Palmer Trough
SCUFN24-03.1I Polygons describing the extend of Kurentsova Seamount, Pirie Province and Polarstern Basin
SCUFN24-03.1J Proposal for Vaughan Guyots (Action SCUFN23/11)
SCUFN24-03.1K Proposed new extension for Japanese Guyots (in connection with SCUFN24-03.1J)
SCUFN24-04.1A Proposals from INOCAR, Ecuador, August 2010
SCUFN24-04.2A Proposals from AWI, Germany, July 2011
SCUFN24-04.3A Proposal from BEHO, Belgium and NLHO, Netherlands, July 2011
SCUFN24-04.4A Proposals from DHN and PETROBRAS, Brazil, August 2011
SCUFN24-04.5A Proposals from SOA, China, August 2011
SCUFN24-04.6A Proposals from DNO, YUZHMORGEOLOGIYA and GINRAS, Russia, August 2011
SCUFN24-04.7A Proposals from JCUFN, Japan, August 2011
SCUFN24-04.8A Proposals from KCGN, Rep. of Korea, August 2011
SCUFN24-05.1A Report of ACUF Activities since SCUFN-23
SCUFN24-05.1B Undersea Feature Names Accepted by ACUF which do not adhere to GEBCO Undersea Feature Naming Criteria
SCUFN24-05.2A Report to SCUFN on the Undersea Names Committee of the New Zealand Geographic Board
SCUFN24-05.3A Report on the 26th UNGEGN Meeting and Notice of UNGEGN-27
SCUFN24-06A English/Chinese version (2011) of B-6, ed. 4, Nov. 2008
SCUFN24-06B Draft New Edition 4.1.0 of B-6
SCUFN24-06C Proposed revised definition for "Province"
SCUFN24-06D Sand Ridge and Salt Dome
SCUFN24-06E Letter from Bob Fisher, former Chairman of SCUFN, on the issue of “Province”
SCUFN24-07.1A Reserve Section of the Gazetteer and actions taken since SCUFN-23 (.xls)
SCUFN24-07.1B L. Géli’s Proposals after Saint-Exupéry and his Characters
SCUFN24-07.1C Bellingshausen Basin – Information supplied by K. Dobrolyubova (3 MB)
SCUFN24-07.1D Bellingshausen Basin - Information supplied by V. Stagpoole
SCUFN24-07.1E Terror and Erebus Fracture Zones - Information supplied by V. Stagpoole
SCUFN24-07.2A rev1 Web-based Map Interface and On-line Database for the GEBCO Gazetteer – Progress Report
SCUFN24-07.4A Names Transliteration
SCUFN24-07.4B Names Transliteration: A Response from the UNGEGN Liaison to IHO