IHO-IOC GEBCO Sub-Committee on Undersea Feature Names (SCUFN)

25th SCUFN Meeting
23rd to 27th  October 2012 (Wellington, New Zealand)

Last update: septembre 25, 2013

Post Meeting Documents: [SCUFN-25 Report rev1] [Brief] [Actions] [Group Photo
Note: the report of SCUFN-25 will be posted after final approval at SCUFN-26

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Report of SCUFN-24 rev1


                     SCUFN Letter 01/2012          Registration Form        
         SCUFN-25 1st Circular (visas, hotels)          SCUFN-25 2nd Circular


GEBCO Gazetteer, Oct. 2012

SCUFN25-01A rev1 List of Meeting Documents
SCUFN25-01B rev3 List of Participants
SCUFN25-01C  Members and Observers of SCUFN
SCUFN25-01D Terms of Reference and Rules of Procedures for SCUFN
SCUFN25-02A rev4 Agenda
SCUFN25-02B rev1 Programme and General Information
SCUFN25-02C Opening Ceremony
SCUFN25-03.1A rev2 List of Actions from SCUFN-24 and Status
SCUFN25-03.1B SCUFN24 Actions for A.A. Alberoni
SCUFN25-03.1C Report on the Review of the Unnamed Seamount in the Central Pacific Ocean, by W. Reynoso Peralta
SCUFN25-03.1D Review of Undersea Feature Names proposed at SCUFN14 (2001) - Action SCUFN24/103, by Y. Ohara
SCUFN25-03.1E rev1 Guidelines for the preparation of Undersea Feature Proposals - Action SCUFN24/102, by A.A. Alberoni
SCUFN25-04.1A Proposals from W. Reynoso Peralta, SHN, Argentina
SCUFN25-04.2A Proposal from L.A. Lawver and I.W. Dalziel, U. of Texas, USA and R. Larter, BAS, UK
SCUFN25-04.3A Proposal from M. Busetti, OGS, Italy
SCUFN25-04.3B Initial Response from the Chair of the ‘NZ Undersea Feature Naming Committee’ on three Italian undersea feature name proposals located in the Ross Sea, Antarctica
SCUFN25-04.4A Proposals from A.A. Alberoni, DHN, Brazil
SCUFN25-04.5A Proposals from Y. Ohara, JCUFN and H. Yokose, Kumamoto U., Japan
SCUFN25-04.6A Proposals from Z. Zhang, SOA, China
SCUFN25-04.7A Proposals from M.E. Melnikov, Yuzhmorgeologiya, Russia
SCUFN25-04.8A Proposals from KCGN, Rep. of Korea
SCUFN25-04.9A Proposal from R. Herzer, GNS Science, New Zealand
SCUFN25-04.10A Proposals from F. Nitsche, Lamont U., USA
SCUFN25-05.2A Undersea Feature Names beyond New Zealand’s 12NM territorial seas
SCUFN25-05.2B NZGB Notice of Decisions to assign, alter and discontinue Undersea Feature Names
SCUFN25-05.2C NZGB Notice of Adopted Undersea Feature Names
SCUFN25-05.2D Protocol for Undersea Feature Naming in the Area of Interest of NZGB
SCUFN25-05.3A Report of UNGEGN 27 and 10th UNSCGN; Notice of UNGEGN-28, by T. Palmer, UNGEGN Liaison to IHO
SCUFN25-06.2A Draft new edition of B-6
SCUFN25-06.3A English/Spanish UFN proposal form - New
SCUFN25-07.1A rev3 Reserve Section of the GEBCO Gazetteer and actions taken since SCUFN24 (.xls)
SCUFN25-07.2A Proposed geometry changes for review by SCUFN
SCUFN25-07.3A Proposed changes to the Gazetteer, by A.A. Alberoni, DHN, Brazil
SCUFN25-07.4A Names Transliteration, by G. Agapova and N. Turko, GINRAS, Russia
SCUFN25-07.4B Names Transliteration: A Response from the UNGEGN Liaison to IHO, by T. Palmer, NGA, USA
SCUFN25-08.1A How should SCUFN deal with micro undersea features?: A question raised for the “high-resolution bathymetry” era, by Y. Ohara
SCUFN25-08.2A Corrections to the GEBCO Gazetteer proposed by Dr. Heinrich Hinze, Germany
SCUFN25-08.2B New undersea generic terms proposed by Dr. Heinrich Hinze, Germany