IHO-IOC GEBCO Sub-Committee on Undersea Feature Names (SCUFN)

26th SCUFN Meeting
23rd to 27th  September 2013 (Tokyo, Japan)

Last update: mai 06, 2014

Post Meeting Documents: [SCUFN-26 Report] [Brief] [Actions] [Group Photo

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Report of SCUFN-25 rev1


Registration Form (.doc)               Hotel Reservation Form (.xls)


  SCUFN-26 1st Circular (programme, visas, hotels, ...)


SCUFN Letter 01/2013


Latest GEBCO Gazetteer

SCUFN26-01A List of Meeting Documents
SCUFN26-01B List of Participants
SCUFN26-01C  Members and Observers of SCUFN
SCUFN26-01D Terms of Reference and Rules of Procedures for SCUFN
SCUFN26-02A rev2 Agenda
SCUFN26-02B Programme
SCUFN26-03.1A List of Actions from SCUFN-25 and Status
SCUFN26-03.1B Proposal for Kosei Seamount (JCUFN)
SCUFN26-04.1A Proposals from NZGB & LINZ, New Zealand, August 2013
SCUFN26-04.2A Proposals from JCUFN and Okayama University, Japan, August 2013
SCUFN26-04.3A Proposals from State Oceanic Administration, China, August 2013
SCUFN26-04.4A Proposals from KCGN, Rep. of Korea, August 2013
SCUFN26-04.5A Proposal from the Norwegian Polar Institute, March 2013
SCUFN26-04.6A Proposals from Yuzhmorgeologiya, Russian Federation, August 2013
SCUFN26-04.7A Proposals from DHN, Brazil, August 2013
SCUFN26-05.1A Report of ACUF Activities since SCUFN 25
SCUFN26-05.2A (.xls) Names submitted by the New Zealand Geographical Board (NZGB)
SCUFN26-05.3A Report of UNGEGN 28 and Notice of UNGEGN-29
SCUFN26-07.1A (.xls) Current Reserve Section of the GEBCO Gazetteer and actions taken since SCUFN-25
SCUFN26-07.2A Tentative Plan to establish a Database Management System for Small Undersea Feature Names