Surface Current Working Group (SCWG)

1st SCWG Meeting
29 - 31 May 2013, Silver Spring, MD, USA

Updated 01 July 2013

Post Meeting Documents:   [Report]  [Photo

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Document Title

SCWG1 - Invitation Letter Letter of Invitation
SCWG1 - Registration Form Registration Form - Word Version
SCWG1 - Logistic Information Logistic Information
SCWG1 - Agenda SCWG 1 Draft Agenda
SCWG1 - Participants SCWG 1 List of Participants
HSSC4 - Final Report HSSC 4 Final Report Extract
HSSC4 - 05.1F S-100 based Product Specification for Surface Currents
HSSC4 - 05.1F_ppt Surface Current Product Specification Presentation
SCWG1 - S-100 Guidance SCWG 1 S-100 Guidance and Draft Scope Requirement
SCWG1 - Draft TSMAD Report SCWG 1 Draft Report to TSMAD
SCWG1 - S-100 Presentation Presentation on S-100 Based Product Specification
SCWG1 - S-100 Canadian Presentation Canadian S-100 Presentation_Louis Maltais
SCWG1 - S-10y Paper Proposed S10y Surface Currents Submission TSMAD