Baltic Sea Hydrographic Commission (BSHC)

14th Meeting
15 - 17 September 2009, Copenhagen, Denmark

Last update: December 07, 2009

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Document Title

BSHC14 Invitation Letter of Invitation
BSHC14 Final Agenda


BSHC13 Actions Action Items from BSHA13
BSHC14 EN1 Zip File Meeting Documents
BSHC14 C1 National Report Poland National Report of Poland
BSHC14 BSEHWG Report Annex L Summary of Recommendations on ENC Encoding
BSHC14 BSEHWG Report Status of Recommendations on the Work done in the BSEHWG
BSHC14 D1 Leisure and small fishing boats - use of electronic charts
BSHC14 E3 EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region
BSHC14 E3 EU Meeting Report
BSHC14 F1 HELCOM / BSHC Harmonised Hydrographic Re-Survey Scheme
BSHC14 F2 Chart Datum WG Report
BSHC14 F5 Baltic Sea INT Chart Committee Report
BSHC14 H1 International Hydrographic Review
BSHC14 BSEHWG BSEHWG Summary of Recommendations 2009