IHO Hydrographic Committee on Antarctica (HCA)

6 th HCA Meeting
 68 November 2006 (Punta Arenas, Chile)

Last update: January 03, 2009

Post Meeting Documents: [Minutes

Document No

Document Title

HCA6-1A rev.6 List of Documents
HCA6-1B rev.7 List of Participants 
HCA6-2A rev.1 HCA Membership and Observers List
HCA6-3A rev.1 Agenda
HCA6-3B Annotated Agenda
HCA6-3C Timetable
HCA6-5A rev.1 Status of Actions List from HCA/5
HCA6-5B Proposed Amendments to the HCA Statutes (Australia)
HCA6-5C Notes on Doc. HCA6-5B (Australia)
HCA6-5D rev.1 Report on NZ Progress on 5th HCA Action Items 7 and 8
HCA6-6.1A ATCM Report
HCA6-6.4A COMNAP Report - See also HCA6-INF7
HCA6-6.5A IAATO Report : See HCA6-INF4 and HCA6-INF5
HCA6-6.6A SCAR Report 
HCA6-7.1A rev.1 INT Chart Scheme and Production Status for Region M
HCA6-7.1B rev.2 Layout of INT Production Status for Region 'M'
HCA6-7.1C ENC Production Status in Antarctica
HCA6-7.3A GEBCO Status Report 
HCA6-7.3B IBCSO Status Report
HCA6-7.3C rev.1 Undersea Feature Naming Status for Region M'
HCA6-7.4A Nautical Publications on the IHO Website
Collection of National Reports 
HCA6-7.5Aa UK Report
HCA6-7.5Ab Norway Report
HCA6-7.5Ac France Report
HCA6-7.5Ad Argentine Report
HCA6-7.5Ae Germany Repor
HCA6-7.5Af Ecuador Report
HCA6-7.5Ag New Zealand Report
HCA6-7.5Ah Australia Report
HCA6-7.5Ai Chile Report
HCA6-7.5Aj China Report
HCA6-7.5Ak South Africa Report
HCA6-7.5Al Russia Report
HCA7-7.5n rev.2 Brazil Report
HCA6-7.5Ao Italy Report
HCA6-7.5Ap India Report
HCA6-7.5B S-55 Status (Progress Report), Presentation
HCA6-8A HCA Survey Programme WG Report 
Information Papers
HCA6-INF1 Minutes of the 5th HCA Meeting, Christchurch, New Zealand, 2005
HCA6-INF2 Current HCA Statutes
HCA6-INF3 IHO Report to ATCM-XXIX, Edinburgh, UK, 2006, Engl   Fren,   Span
HCA6-INF4 IAATO Annual Report 2005-06
HCA6-INF5 IAATO Review of Antarctic Tourism 2005-06
HCA6-INF6 Standardised Structure for National Reports to RHCs
HCA6-INF7 COMNAP Report to ATCM-XXIX, Edinburgh, UK, 2006