IHO Hydrographic Committee on Antarctica (HCA)

7 th HCA Meeting
35 October 2007 (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Last update: mai 24, 2013

Post Meeting Documents: [Minutes

Document No

Document Title

HCA7-1A rev.3 List of Documents
HCA7-1B rev.3 List of Participants 
HCA7-2A  HCA Membership and Observers List
HCA7-3A rev.2 Agenda
HCA7-3B Annotated Agenda
HCA7-3C rev.1 Timetable
HCA7-5A Status of Actions List from HCA/6
HCA7-6.1A ATCM Report (including outcomes from the 30th ATCM)
HCA7-6.2A COMNAP Report 
HCA7-6.4A IAATO Report (see HCA7-INF6 and HCA7-INF7)
HCA7-6.5A SCAR SC-AGI Report (.ppt - 1.6 Mb)
HCA7-7.1A rev.1 INT Chart Scheme and Production Status for Region M
HCA7-7.1B INT Charts in Progress or Not Produced
HCA7-7.1C rev.1 Layout of INT Production Status for Region 'M'
HCA7-7.2A rev.2 ENC Production Status in Antarctica
HCA7-7.2B ENC Scheme for Small-Scales in Antarctica
HCA7-7.2C ENC Scheme for Medium-Scales in Antarctica
HCA7-7.4A GEBCO Status Report 
HCA7-7.4B Undersea Feature Naming Status for Region M (.xls)
HCA7-7.4C IBCSO Status Report
Collection of National Reports 
HCA7-7.5Aa Argentina Report
HCA7-7.5Ab Australia Report
HCA7-7.5Ac Brazil Report
HCA7-7.5Ad Chile Report
HCA7-7.5Af Ecuador Report
HCA7-7.5Ag France Report
HCA7-7.5Ah Germany Report
HCA7-7.5Aj Italy Report
HCA7-7.5Ak Japan Report
HCA7-7.5Al Norway Report
HCA7-7.5Am Peru Report
HCA7-7.5Ap UK Report (.ppt-10 Mb)
HCA7-7.5B S-55 Status and GIS for Antarctica Progress Report 
HCA7-8A HCA Survey Programme WG (.ppt - 4.5 Mb) - Progress Report 
HCA7-9.1A Draft Program of the Seminar for the XXXI ATCM
Information Papers
HCA7-INF2 Current HCA Statutes
HCA7-INF3 Minutes of the 6th HCA Meeting, Punta Arenas, Chile, 2006
HCA7-INF4 IHO Report submitted to ATCM-30
HCA7-INF5 International Coordination of Hydrography in Antarctica : Significance to Safety of Antarctic Ship Operations Paper submitted by COMNAP to ATCM-30
HCA7-INF6 Report of the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators 2006-2007
HCA7-INF7 IAATO Overview of Antarctic Tourism 2006-2007 Antarctic Season