North Indian Ocean Hydrographic Commission (NIOHC)

10th Meeting
23-24 February 2010 - Dhaka,  Bangladesh

Last update: February 16, 2010

Post Meeting Documents: [Report] [Photos]

Document No

Document Title

Letter 1 Invitation
C-55 Update Request for updated information for IHO Publication C-55
Letter 1 Add 1 Hotel Reservation Form
Invitation Invitation from Bangladesh for Visas
Letter 2 Provisional Agenda and Participants
 NIOHC10-France  National Report of France to NIOHC10
 NIOHC10-UK  National Report of UK to NIOHC10
NIOHC10-UK-Pres  Presentation of UK to NIOHC10
NIOHC10-Myanmar National Report of Myanmar to NIOHC10
NIOHC10 Sri Lanka National Report of Sri Lanka to NIOHC10
NIOHC10 Bangladesh National Report of Bangladesh to NIOHC10
NIOHC10 Thailand National Report of Thailand to NIOHC10
 NIOHC10 India  National Report of India to NIOHC10