North Indian Ocean Hydrographic Commission (NIOHC)

11th Meeting 
1-2 March 2011 - New Delhi, India 
Followed by an International Hydrographic Seminar and Exhibition
3-4 March 2011  - New Delhi, India

Last update: May 12, 2011

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Document No

Document Title

NIOHC11-Letter1 Invitation
NIOHC11-Letter 2 Meeting information
NIOHC11-Letter 3 Alternative accommodation
NIOHC11-Letter 4 Visas
NIOHC11-Letter5 Commercial participation
NIOHC11-1 Agenda for NIOHC11-Version 2
NIOHC11-2 Annotated agenda - Version 2
NIOHC11-3 Timetable
NIOHC11-4 List of Documents
NIOHC11-5 Participants
NIOHC11-6 Report from NIOHC10
NIOHC11-8A_Bangladesh Bangladesh National Report
NIOHC11-8A_France French National Report
NIOHC11-8A_India India National Report
NIOHC11-8A-Oman Oman National Report
NIOHC11-8A-SriLanka Sri Lanka National Report
NIOHC11-8A-Thailand Thailand National Report
NIOHC11-8A_UK UK National Report
NIOHC11-9 S-11 Part B Region J
NIOHC11-10 Proposal to amend statutes to include election of Chair and Vice Chair
NIOHC11-11 Agenda Item 16 - Capacity Building
NIOHC11-12 Establishment of the NIOICCWG
NIOHC11-13 Coast Map IO Presentation
NIOHC11-14 Capacity Building -UK Presentation
NIOHC11-15 Presentation by FUGRO
NIOHC11-16 Agenda Item 15 ENC Coverage
NIOHC11-17 New INT Charts proposed by India