North Indian Ocean Hydrographic Commission (NIOHC)

12th Meeting 
20 - 23 March 2012 - Colombo, Sri Lanka

Last update: 27 June 2012

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Document Title

NIOHC12-CL2-2011 Dates and venue for NIOHC12
NIOHC12-CL1-2012 NIOHC 12 Logistics
NIOHC12-CL1-2012-AnnexB NIOHC 12 Registration Form (Word file)
NIOHC12-02a Draft Annotated Agenda V2
NIOHC12-02b Draft Annotated Agenda ENC Workshop
NIOHC12-02b-A Annex A Overlaps
NIOHC12-02b-B Annex B Gaps
NIOHC12-02c Draft Annotated Agenda INT Chart Workshop
NIOHC12-02d Draft Annotated Agenda Capacity Building Workshop
NIOHC12-03 Draft Timetable V2
NIOHC12-04 List of Documents
NIOHC12-05 List of Participants V4
NIOHC12-06 Minutes of NIOHC11
NIOHC12-07 Status of NIOHC11 Actions
NIOHC12-08-Bangladesh National report from Bangladesh
NIOHC12-08-France National report from France
NIOHC12-08-France-Presentation National report from France Presentation
NIOHC12-08-India National report from India
NIOHC12-08-India-Presentation National report from India Presentation
NIOHC12-08-Mauritius National report from Mauritius
IOHC12-08-Myanmar National report from Myanmar
NIOHC12-08 Oman National Report from the Sultanate of Oman
NIOHC12-08-Pakistan National report from Pakistan
NIOHC12-08-Pakistan-Presentation National report from Pakistan Presentation
NIOHC12-08-SaudiArabia National report from Saudi Arabia
NIOHC12-08-SaudiArabia-Presentation National report from Saudi Arabia Presentation
NIOHC12-08-SriLanka National report from Sri Lanka
NIOHC12-08-Thailand National report from Thailand-Rev1
NIOHC12-08-Thailand-Presentation National report from Thailand-Presentation
NIOHC12-08-UK National report from UK
NIOHC12-08-UK-Presentation National report from UK Presentation
NIOHC12-10 Establishment of the NIOICCWG
NIOHC12-11 IMO Audit Scheme
NIOHC12-11-Presentation IMO Audit Scheme Presentation
NIOHC12-12 NIOHC Disaster Plan
NIOHC12-13 Review of the NIOHC Statutes
NIOHC12-Presentation Airborne Bathymetric Lidar - Fugro
NIOHC12-Presentation MSDI - Esri
NIOHC12-Presentation Implementing a TopoBathy Database - Caris
NIOHC12-Presentation Helping you chart your world - IIC Technologies
NIOHC12-Presentation ENC Display and Alarm Issues - UK
NIOHC12-Presentation SpaceChart - France
NIOHC12-Presentation Capacity Building and Industry - Kongsberg
NIOHC12-Presentation Shallow Water Surveys - Pelydryn
NOIHC12-Report Annex F Report Annex F VIMSAS Questionaire