Southern Africa and Islands Hydrographic Commission (SA&IHC)

6th SA&IHC Meeting, Mangochi, Malawi, (27 – 28 August 2007)

Last update: April 09, 2013

Post meeting documents:  [Minutes]   [Photos]
SAIHC6-1A List of Documents
SAIHC6-1B Domestic Programme
SAIHC6-1C Agenda
SAIHC6-1D Minutes of Special SAIHC Meeting
SAIHC6-1E Status/Review of Actions List
SAIHC6-2A Report from IHB
SAIHC6-2B Technical Visit: Seychelles
SAIHC6-2C Conference Decisions
SAIHC6-2D IHO Circular Letter 62/2007
SAIHC6-2E IHO Circular Letter 52/2007
SAIHC6-3A SAIHC Capacity Building Management Plan
SAIHC6-3B IHO CBC: Approvals of Candidate Bids from SAIHC
SAIHC6-3C IHO CBC: Analysis of Historic Support for RHC
SAIHC6-3D MSI Training Course: Maputo and
SAIHC6-4A National Report: South Africa
SAIHC6-4B National Report: France
SAIHC6-4C National Report: Portugal
SAIHC6-4D National Report: Mauritius
SAIHC6-4E National Report: Kenya
SAIHC6-4F National Report: Mozambique
SAIHC6-4G National Report: Malawi
SAIHC6-4H National Report: Norway
SAIHC6-5 Documents also available in a compressed format (Zip file)