Southern Africa and Islands Hydrographic Commission (SAIHC)
 IHO Seminar for National Hydrographic Committee (NHC) Chairmen


7 th Meeting
 14 - 17 September 2009  (Saint-Gilles, La Reunion)

Last update: August 24, 2011

Post meeting documents: (Meeting minutes, Reports, Photos ...etc).
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Document Title

SAIHC7 Logistics Information and Registration Form (MS Word format)
. Invitation to Seminar for National Hydrographic Committee (NHC) Chairmen
Booking_NHC_Seminar Hotel booking form for the NHC Seminar and the SAIHC 7 meeting (version 10 - 15 August). Late bookings and travel information should be emailed to <>.
SAIHC7 _Registrations Provisional List of Registrations  (Version 10 - 15 August 09)
Letter 1/ 2009 SAIHC Letter 1/2009 Invitation Letter - Draft Agenda and and a draft programme of the NHC

Meeting Documents

SAIHC7-1A List of Documents (version - 31 July 09)
SAIHC7-1B List of Participants (version - 3 September 09)  [See also SAIHC7_Registrations]
SAIHC7-2A Draft Agenda Rev 2  (19 August 09)
SAIHC7-3A Minutes of the SAIHC-6 Meeting
SAIHC7-3B Status/Review of Actions List
SAIHC7-4.1 Report from IHB
SAIHC7-4.4 GEBCO - Shallow water bathymetry
SAIHC7-5.1A Report on the INT Chart Scheme for Region H (S-11) (Revision 1)

NAVAREA VII Self Assessment

SAIHC6-5.1C ENC Coverage Report (Production Status)
SAIHC7-5.2A SAIHC Capacity Building Management Plan (Excel format)
SAIHC7-5.2B IHO CBSC: Approvals for bids for SAIHC
SAIHC7-5.2C IHO CBSC: Approvals for bids for SAIHC & NIOHC
SAIHC7-5.2D Generic Bi-lateral Agreement for Provision of Hydrographic Services
SAIHC7-5.3A National Report: France
SAIHC7-5.3B National Report: South Africa
SAIHC7-5.3C National Report: Portugal
SAIHC7-5.3D National Report: Mauritius
SAIHC7-5.3E National Report: Kenya (17 Sep 09)
SAIHC7-5.3F National Report: Mozambique
SAIHC7-5.3G National Report: Malawi
SAIHC7-5.3H National Report: Norway
SAIHC7-5.3I National Report: Seychelles
SAIHC7-5.3J National Report: Namibia
SAIHC7-5.3K National Report: United Kingdom
SAIHC7-5.3L National Report: Angola
SAIHC7-5.3M National Report: Tanzania
SAIHC7-5.3N National Report: Madagascar
SAIHC7-5.4 Report on the Status of Surveying and Charting for Area H (link to C-55)
SAIHC7-8A SAIHC Statutes Rev3
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