World-Wide Navigational Warning Service Sub-Committee (WWNWS)

4th WWNWS SC Meeting
JHOD, Tokyo, Japan, 24 - 28 September 2012

Last updated 25/01/2013

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ACTION ITEMS ACTION ITEMS  - Corrected to 26 July 2012
Self Assessment Template
Template to be used for the submission of NAVAREA Self Assessments - amended 21 March 2012
Document Template
Template to be used for the submission of documents, other than Self Assessments.
WWNWS4 Letter of Invitation Letter of Invitation
WWNWS4_Programme Programme for WWNWS4-SC meeting
WWNWS4_Provisional-Agenda Provisional Agenda for WWNWS4
WWNWS4_List of Participants List of Participants
WWNWS4-1-7 Report to IRCC4
WWNWS4-2-1A COMSAR 16-WP.6-Scoping Exercise
WWNWS4-2-2A ITU Resolution 360
WWNWS4-2-3 IMSO Assembly 22 Report-GMDSS
WWNWS4-2-4 Changes to Annex 7 GMDSS Master Plan
WWNWS4-3-1-1A Outcomes of COMSAR 16
WWNWS4-3-1-1B Extracts COMSAR 16 Final Report
WWNWS4-3-1-2A Outcomes of MSC 90
WWNWS4-3-1-2B Extracts MSC 90 Final Report
WWNWS4-3-1-3A Outcomes of NAV 58
WWNWS4-3-1-3B Extracts NAV 58 Final Report
WWNWS4-3-2-I Self Assessment NAVAREA I
WWNWS4-3-2-Ib Self Assessment NAVAREA Ib
WWNWS4-3-2-II Self Assessment NAVAREA II
WWNWS4-3-2-III Self Assessment NAVAREA III
WWNWS4-3-2-IV_XII Self Assessment NAVAREA IV & XII
WWNWS4-3-2-V Self Assessment NAVAREA V
WWNWS4-3-2-VI Self Assessment NAVAREA VI
WWNWS4-3-2-VII Self Assessment NAVAREA VII
WWNWS4-3-2-VIII Self Assessment NAVAREA VIII
 WWNWS4-3-2-IX Self Assessment NAVAREA IX
WWNWS4-3-2-X Self Assessment NAVAREA X
WWNWS4-3-2-XI Self Assessment NAVAREA XI
WWNWS4-3-2-XIA Navigational Warning Map on the Web
WWNWS4-3-2-XIII Self Assessment NAVAREA XIII
WWNWS4-3-2-XIV Self Assessment NAVAREA XIV
WWNWS4-3-2-XV Self Assessment NAVAREA XV
WWNWS4-3-2-XVI Self Assessment NAVAREA XVI
WWNWS4-3-2-XIX Self Assessment NAVAREA XIX
WWNWS4-3-2-XX_XXI Self Assessment NAVAREA XX & XXI
WWNWS4-3-3-1 NAVTEX Panel Report
WWNWS4-3-3-3 WMO Liaison Report
WWNWS4-3-3-5 NOAA Space Weather Prediction Document
WWNWS4-3-4-2A WWNWS Survey Summary
WWNWS4-3-4-2B WWNWS Survey Summary Spreadsheet
WWNWS4-3-4-4A ITU Resolution 359
WWNWS4-3-5-1A MSC Circ-1414
WWNWS4-3-5-2 ASS-22-6-GMDSS Report
WWNWS4-3-5-2A Inmarsat Presentation
WWNWS4-4-1A Actions from DocRev WG 10 Meeting
WWNWS4-4-1B Document Review Status Report
WWNWS4-4-2A Assembly TR 705(17) Final Draft
WWNWS4-4-2B Assembly TR 706(17) Final Draft
WWNWS4-4-3A AIS Aids to Navigation
WWNWS4-4-3B In-force Bulletins
WWNWS4-4-3C In-force Bulletins - An Alternative View
WWNWS4-9A Development of S-100 Based Product Specification for Ocean Forecasts
WWNWS4-JHOD High Speed Maritime Communications System Presentation