10th CSPCWG Meeting
Wellington, New Zealand, 21-24 January 2014 

Last update: mars 08, 2014

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CSPCWG Letter 12/2013 announcing CSPCWG-10

CSPCWG10-01A rev2

List of Documents

CSPCWG10-01B rev1

List of Meeting Participants

CSPCWG10-02A rev3


CSPCWG10-03A Status of Actions from CSPCWG9
CSPCWG10-04.1A Report to HSSC5 of CSPCWG
CSPCWG10-04.1B Report from HSSC5 - Notes by CSPCWG Chairman
CSPCWG10-04.2A Report to CSPCWG10 on DIPWG activities
CSPCWG10-04.3A Report to CSPCWG10 on TSMAD activities
CSPCWG10-04.4A Report to CSPCWG10 on HDWG activities
CSPCWG10-04.5A Report to CSPCWG10 on DQWG activities
CSPCWG10-05A Terms of Reference for CSPCWG
CSPCWG10-06A CSPCWG Procedures
CSPCWG10-07.1A CSPCWG Work Plan - Summary of progress
CSPCWG10-08.1A Maintained / Dredged Areas
CSPCWG10-08.1B Maintained / Dredged Areas
CSPCWG10-08.2A Minimum Depth and Maximum Authorised Draught
CSPCWG10-08.3A Maintained Depth, Dredged and Unsurveyed areas in the source diagram
CSPCWG10-08.4A Light Vessels
CSPCWG10-08.6A Proposed symbol for dangerous cargo berth
CSPCWG10-08.7A Wind farms (including under construction)
CSPCWG10-08.8A Quarantine Zone Boundary Line Symbol
CSPCWG10-08.9A Sweeping underwater kite
CSPCWG10-08.10A Covered berths
CSPCWG10-08.11A Interrupted and ultra quick lights
CSPCWG10-08.13A Anomalous soundings, reported depths and obstructions
CSPCWG10-09.2A Existence Doubtful (ED)
CSPCWG10-09.3A B-600 questions
CSPCWG10-09.4A AIS transmitters: problems caused by proliferation
CSPCWG10-09.6A Use of seals of non-IHO members on INT charts
CSPCWG10-09.7A Dataset Rating for Confidence Assessment
CSPCWG10-09.9A Racon Response Frequencies
CSPCWG10-09.10A Definitions of elevation, height and altitude
CSPCWG10-11.1A INT1 subWG Report
CSPCWG10-11.2A Reorganization of INT1
CSPCWG10-11.3A Annotation of “Maintained depth” in INT1


CSPCWG10-INF1 Counterfeited Products
CSPCWG10-INF2 QR codes on UK Admiralty Products
CSPCWG10-INF3 Notes from sea experience by UKHO staff
CSPCWG10-INF4 Development of the S-100 based Ice Information Product
CSPCWG10-INF5 Satellite-derived bathymetry
CSPCWG10-INF6 Cautionary note on Preliminary (P) and Temporary (T) Notices to Mariners (NMs)
CSPCWG10-INF7 INT 3 in Spanish