Baltic Sea Hydrographic Commission (BSHC)

13th Meeting
19 - 21 August 2008 - Rostock, Germany

Last update: May 18, 2009

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BSHC13-1A Invitation
BSHC13-1B Registration Form 
BSHC13-1C Programme
BSHC13-1D Agenda
BSHC13-1E Final list of Actions
BSHC13-2 Reports for RHCs(IHB CL25a/06)
BSHC13-3  RHC Reports to IHC(TR 1.3 para 7)
BSHC13-4  National Reports August 08 Rev2 zip file
BSHC13-5 Explanatory Notes zip file
BSHC13-6 Finland Chart Datum WG Report
BSHC13-7 BSEHWG Denmark  Report (15.5 Mb)
BSHC13-8  Water Level Information Finland
BSHC13-9 Final Report