Southern Africa and Islands Hydrographic Commission (SAIHC)
 IHO Seminar for National Hydrographic Committee (NHC) Chairmen


8th Meeting
    Walvis Bay, Namibia  (6 -7 September 2011)

Last update: October 26, 2011

Post meeting documents:  [SAIHC 8 - Meeting Minutes]   [Meeting Photograph]

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SAIHC8 Letter 1 (Includes Draft Agenda/Actions and Logistics Information),

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IMPORTANT Note: All members must please complete the information requested in this form, and forward it to the SAN Hydrographic Office (SANHO) and the Atlantic Hotel, Walvis Bay by no later than 10 August 2011.


Meeting Documents

SAIHC8-1A List of Documents  (rev 1)
SAIHC8-1B List of Participants  (rev 1)
SAIHC8-2A Draft Agenda (rev 1)
SAIHC8-2A Draft Programme (rev 1)  (.xls file)
SAIHC8-3A Minutes of the SAIHC7 Meeting
SAIHC8-3B Status/Review of Actions List
SAIHC8-4.1 Action List and IRCC 2012 TASKS Agreed at the IRCC3 Meeting
SAIHC8-5.1A Report on the INT Chart Scheme for Region H (S-11) (Presentation)
SAIHC8-5.1B NAVAREA VII Self Assessment (Presentation)
SAIHC8-5.1C ENC Production Status (Presentation)
SAIHC8-5.1D Terms of reference for the ICCWG (new 31 Aug)
SAIHC8-5.2A SAIHC Capacity Building Management Plan (new 31 Aug)
SAIHC8-5.2B IHO CBSC: Approvals for bids for SAIHC (new 31 Aug)
SAIHC8-5.2C 2013-2017 Capacity Building Requirements for RHC (.xls file)
SAIHC8-5.2D SOLAS - Generic Bi-lateral Agreement for Provision of Hydrographic Services 
SAIHC8-5.4 Composite C-55 INT Chart Report for region H (new 31 Aug)

National Reports

SAIHC8-5.3A National Report: France
SAIHC8-5.3B National Report: South Africa
SAIHC8-5.3C National Report: Portugal
SAIHC8-5.3D National Report: Mauritius
SAIHC8-5.3E National Report: Kenya
SAIHC8-5.3F National Report: Mozambique (new 1 Sept)
SAIHC8-5.3G National Report: Malawi (new 5 Sept)
SAIHC8-5.3H National Report: Norway
SAIHC8-5.3I National Report: Seychelles
SAIHC8-5.3J National Report: Namibia
SAIHC8-5.3K National Report: United Kingdom
SAIHC8-5.3L National Report: Angola
SAIHC8-5.3M National Report: Tanzania
SAIHC8-5.3N National Report: Madagascar
SAIHC8-5.3O National Report: Comoros
SAIHC8-5.4 Report on the Status of Surveying and Charting for Area H (link to C-55)
SAIHC8-8A SAIHC Statutes (Rev 4 - 6 JULY 2011)
SAIHC8-10A Regional Co-Operation Group on Safety of Navigation and Marine Environmental Protection (SAGNEP) (new 31 Aug)
SAIHC8-10B Survey to establish organizations responsible for aids to navigation in the SAIHC region. (new 31 Aug)  (.doc file)