6th CSPCWG Meeting
IHB, Monaco, 1-3 December 2009 

Last update: January 18, 2010

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Document No

Document Title

CSPCWG6-01A rev.5

List of Documents

CSPCWG6-01B rev.3

List of Meeting Participants and WG Members

CSPCWG6-02A rev.6


CSPCWG6-03A Status of Actions from CSPCWG-5
CSPCWG6-04.1A CSPCWG Report to HSSC1
CSPCWG6-04.1B Report from HSSC1 - notes from CSPCWG Chairman
CSPCWG6-04.2A Report to CSPCWG-6 on DIPWG activities
CSPCWG6-04.3A Report to CSPCWG-6 on TSMAD activities
CSPCWG6-04.4A Report to CSPCWG-6 from EUWG
CSPCWG6-05A CSPCWG Terms of Reference (with proposed changes)
CSPCWG6-06A CSPCWG Procedures (with proposed changes)
CSPCWG6-07A rev.1 Updated work plan
CSPCWG6-08.2A Fouls and Foul Ground
CSPCWG6-08.3A Virtual AIS Aids to Navigation Symbology for Paper Charts
IALA Guideline No 1082 The establishment of AIS as an Aid to Navigation
MSC 86/23/7 New symbols for AIS-AtoN (submitted by Japan)
NHC/53/8.2A The establishment of AIS as an Aid to Navigation (submitted to NHC by Sweden)
CSPCWG6-08.3B Danish trials of virtual AIS
CSPCWG6-08.4A Chart graticule degree figures
CSPCWG6-08.5A Supplementary Internal Graduation
CSPCWG6-08.6A Small Craft (Leisure) symbols
CSPCWG6-08.7A Chart Accuracy note
CSPCWG6-08.8A Depiction of sectors at oscillating lights
CSPCWG6-08.9A Floating wind turbines
CSPCWG6-08.12A Dredged area - project depths
CSPCWG6-08.13A Intervals between symbols in area limits
CSPCWG6-08.14A Sizes of chart symbols
CSPCWG6-08.15A Floating waste bin
CSPCWG6-08.16A Depiction of Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs) on Paper Charts
CSPCWG6-08.17A "Suspended" Oceanographic Instrumentation Moorings
CSPCWG6-09.1A rev.1 S-4 B-600 Progress
CSPCWG6-09.1B Draft B-600
CSPCWG6-09.2A Maintenance regime: comparison of paper charts with ENCs
CSPCWG6-09.3A Representation of swathe surveys on source diagrams
CSPCWG6-09.4A Information Paper on the Nordic Agreement to improve Data Exchange for paper chart production through ENCs
CSPCWG6-09.5A Consolidated responses of WG members to Letter 11/2009 on new specifications
Final Report IDEWG The Nordic Working Group for Improved Data Exchange through S-100 - Final Report
HSSC1-INF2 Draft of S-49 under development by CSPCWG
CSPCWG6-10.2A S-49 Edition 2: Standardization of Mariners Routeing Guides - Progress Report
CSPCWG6-10.2B S-49 Release candidate
CSPCWG6-11.1A Report of INT1 subWG
CSPCWG6-11.2A Use of INT1 numbers, e.g. in databases
CSPCWG6-11.3A Location of Aquaculture Symbols in INT 1
CSPCWG6-INF1 CATZOC implementation by UKHO
CSPCWG6-INF2 Flood lighting in highspeed routes (HIB - Hurtigbat indirekte belysning)
CSPCWG6-INF3 Generic Symbol for Lights in Multi-coloured charts