IHO World-wide Electronic Navigational Chart Database (WEND)

11 th WEND Meeting
2-5 September 2008 (2, 3am, 4pm & 5am) (Tokyo, Japan)
+ Chair Group Meeting, 31 Aug, pm

Last update: janvier 08, 2009

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Document No

Document Title


Logistics and Registration information for the meeting


Arrangements for WEND-11 and ESF-4

WEND11-01A rev.6

List of Documents 

WEND11-01B rev.4

List of Participants


Membership of WEND

WEND11-01D Guidelines for the Submission of Reports and Proposals for Consideration by WEND

WEND11-02A rev.6


WEND11-03A Minutes of the 10th WEND Meeting (which include a Record of the 2nd ECDIS Stakeholders' Forum)


List of Actions from the 10th WEND Meeting and Status
WEND11-03C rev.1 Follow-on Actions from the 2nd ECDIS Stakeholders’ Forum and Status
WEND11-03D Minutes of the 1st Extraordinary WEND Meeting
WEND11-03E List of Actions from the 1st Extraordinary WEND Meeting and Status


Terms of Reference for the WEND Committee


WEND Principles 

WEND11-03H Registering the term "ENC" (IHB)
WEND11-04A  Summary of Task Group Activities (WEND TG)
WEND11-05A  Status of Electronic Charting Issues Being Considered by IMO (IHB)
WEND11-05B rev.1  Report on ECDIS-Related Standards (IHB) 
WEND11-05C IHO Publication - Facts on Carriage Requirements (IHB)
WEND11-06A  Compendium of RHC Chairs’ Reports (IHB)
WEND11-06B  ENC Coverage Status (IHB)
WEND11-06C PRIMAR Status Report (PRIMAR)
WEND11-06D  IC-ENC Status Report (IC-ENC)
WEND11-06E Data Chain Certification Concept (RTCA)
WEND11-06F The EAHC Approach for ENCs (EAHC Chair)
WEND11-07A rev.1 A Review of the WEND Principles (WEND TG)
WEND11-07B UK Comments on WEND11-07A (UK)
WEND11-07C Guidelines for the preparation and maintenance of small/medium scale ENC schemes (France)
WEND11-08A rev.5 Programme of the 4th ECDIS Stakeholders’ Forum
WEND11-09A  Transfer of WEND Functions to IRCC (IHB)
 WEND11-INF1 DNC Status Report (USA-NGA)
 WEND11-INF2 ENC Harmonisation in the Baltic Sea
WEND11-INF3 Revised WEND Principles Cross Reference Table: Existing ---> Proposed
WEND11-INF4 U.S. Position on Revised WEND Principles (WEND11-07A)