IHO Hydrographic Services and Standards Committee (HSSC)

8th HSSC meeting
14-18 November 2016, IHB, Monaco
(Chair Group Meeting on 14 November pm)


Last update: 20 August 2017

Post Meeting Documents:   [Final Minutes, version dated 24 Jan. 2017: .doc , .pdf ] -  [Brief] - [ List of Decisions&Actions, updated status dated 18 August 2017: .doc, .pdf] -  [ Group Photo] - [HSSC Work Plan 2017-18, final version dated 24 Jan. 2017:  .doc , .pdf ]

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  31 May

IHO Circular Letter 25/2016 announcing HSSC-8



List of Documents (this html page)


28 Nov

List of Participants



HSSC - List of Contacts

HSSC8-01D Rev1
  4 Nov Terms of Reference for HSSC and related Working Groups

HSSC8-02A Rev1

  3 Nov

Agenda and Timetable for HSSC-8 ( .doc , .pdf)                                        

HSSC8-03A -- Minutes of the 7th HSSC Meeting 


6 Nov
List of Actions from the 7th HSSC Meeting and Status ( .doc , .pdf )
HSSC8-04A   25 Sep Inputs from HSSC to the IHO Strategic Plan
HSSC8-04B    25 Sep Inputs from HSSC to the IHO 3-year Work Programme
HSSC8-04C 17 Nov
Preparation of the HSSC Report to the Assembly
Presentation - Key Messages

HSSC8-05.1A Rev2
  14 Nov
Report and Recommendations of S-100WG ( .doc ; .pdf )
- S-100 Ed.3.0.0 Redline version
- S-100 Ed. 3.0.0 Clean version
- S-101 Value Added Roadmap, April 2016 ( .doc )

Presentation Rev1
HSSC8-05.1C 15 Nov
Potential Impacts of S-100, S-101 and other S-100 based product specifications on IEC 61174 and IMO MSC.232(82)
Presentation Rev1

HSSC8-05.1D INF4
10 Nov Activities of KHOA on creation of S-10X test data sets and S-100 sea trial
HSSC8-05.1E INF5
10 Nov
Report on Improvement of the S-100 Registry and Registry Interface Demonstration
HSSC8-05.2A Rev1
   2 Nov Report and Recommendations of DPSWG
HSSC8-05.3A   21 Oct Report and Recommendations of ENCWG
HSSC8-05.3B 3 Nov
Checking the IHO S-52 Presentation Library edition 4.0 in

HSSC8-05.3C Rev1
15 Nov 
Development of an Additional Bathymetry Layer standard
based on S-57/S-52

HSSC8-05.3D 28 Sep T&P Notices for ENCs (submitted by INTERTANKO)

HSSC8-05.4A   10 Nov Report and Recommendations of NIPWG
HSSC8-05.5A   16 Nov Report and Recommendations of NCWG 
HSSC8-05.5B Rev1
24 Oct Changes to S-4 for Edition 4.7.0
HSSC8-05.5C 20 Oct S-11 Part A ( .doc , .pdf )
HSSC8-05.6A   15 Nov Report of DQWG
HSSC8-05.6B INF6
16 Nov Proposals for Visualizing Uncertainty of Bathymetric Data in S-101 ENCs and Annex
Presentation Rev1
HSSC8-05.7A Rev1
17 Nov 
Report of the HSSC Hydrographic Surveys Scoping Project Team:
- H2S PT Members
- Draft TORs for an Hydrographic Standards Working Group (HSWG)
- Draft Work Programme for the HSWG

Draft TORs version 3 with changes of Hydrographic Survey Project Team (HSPT)
Draft Programme of Work version 2 of HSPT
HSSC8-05.8A Rev4
21 Nov Report and Recommendations of TWCWG 
Presentation Rev4
HSSC8-05.9A 16 Nov 
Report and Recommendations of HDWG
HSSC8-06.1A   25 Oct Status Report on ABLOS activities
HSSC8-07.1A 11 Nov 
IRCC Activities (including MSDI) affecting HSSC
HSSC8-07.1B INF2 Rev1
10 Nov Development of a S-100 Product Specification for Navigational Warnings: S-124 Progress Report

HSSC8-07.1C INF3 25 Oct Proposal for Terms Of Reference of a SCUFN Project Team for the Development of an S-100 Product Specification for Undersea Feature Names and Registering SCUFN terms in the IHO GI (and draft TORs = Doc. SCUFN29-06C)
Useful Reference: SCUFN28-06B
HSSC8-07.2A   16 Nov IMO Activities affecting HSSC (including e-navigation)
HSSC8-07.2B 24 Oct  Comments on paper HSSC8-07.2A - IMO activities affecting HSSC (including e-navigation) - Activation of the IMO/IHO Harmonization Group on Data Modelling (HGDM)
HSSC8-07.2C INF7
14 Nov
Comments on Doc. HSSC8-07.2A: Activation of the IMO/IHO Harmonization Group on Data Modelling (HGDM)
HSSC8-07.3A 10 Nov
IALA Activities affecting HSSC
13 Oct
IEC Activities affecting HSSC
HSSC8-07.5A  15 Nov CIRM Activities affecting HSSC
HSSC8-07.6A  17 Nov Status Report on Inland ENC Development and Standardization
Presentation Rev3
HSSC8-07.7A   17 Sep ISO Activities affecting HSSC
HSSC8-07.8A Rev3
17 Nov
OGC Activities affecting HSSC
Presentation Rev3
Useful References:
- The OGC Discrete Global Grid Systems core standard and its relevance to the hydrographic community
- OGC IOGP/IPIECA Recommended Practice for a
Common Operating Picture for Oil Spill Response

HSSC8-07.9A 14 Nov 
IOGP Activities affecting HSSC: Seabed Survey Data Model V2 Plan
HSSC8-07.10A 17 Nov  
IHMA Activities affecting HSSC
HSSC8-07.11A   17 Nov
JCOMM Activities affecting HSSC
HSSC8-07.12A   17 Nov
RTCM Activities affecting HSSC
HSSC8-07.13A   17 Nov ICPC Activities affecting HSSC
HSSC8-07.14A   2 Nov DGIWG Activities affecting HSSC
HSSC8-07.14B   4 Oct NATO GMWG Activities affecting HSSC
HSSC8-09A   18 Nov Status of potential Stakeholders' events in 2017
HSSC8-10A   25 Oct Status report on IHO Publications on Standards, Specifications and Guidelines
HSSC8-10B 9 Nov  Draft HSSC Work Plan 2017-2018 ( .doc , .pdf)

New developments and information papers

HSSC8-INF1 18 Nov Hydrographic Surveying and S-100 standards for competitive shipping