IHO-IOC GEBCO Sub-Committee on Undersea Feature Names (SCUFN)

29th SCUFN Meeting
19 - 23 September 2016 (Boulder, Colorado, USA)

Last update:17 Aug 2017

Post Meeting Documents: [SCUFN-29 Report] [Decisions and Actions as of 17 Aug 2017: .doc , .pdf ] [Brief] [Group Photo

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25 January 2016

Report of SCUFN-28


6 April 2016

Logistics Information

Registration Form ( .doc )  - Security Clearance Form ( .pdf )            


14 April 2016

SCUFN Letter 01/2016



List of Meeting Documents (this html page)

16 September 2016

List of Participants


3 August 2016

Members and Observers of SCUFN

Appointment of a new SCUFN Member (IOC Letter dated 27 July)


Terms of Reference and Rules of Procedure for SCUFN

SCUFN Chair Report (GEBCO Guidance, Last GEBCO Events, etc.)
SCUFN29-02.2A Rev1 

23 August 2016

Agenda and Timetable ( .doc , .pdf )

SCUFN29-03.1A Rev2

19 Aug 2016

List of Actions from SCUFN-28 and Status (.doc , .pdf)

Recommendations from SCUFN Generic Term Group and Actions to be considered
SCUFN29-03.2B Rev1
20 July 2016 Proposal for harmonizing definitions "hill" and "knoll" between ACUF (US)  and SCUFN (Action SCUFN27/75 refers)

SCUFN29-04.1A Rev3

20 July 2016

Proposals (6) from USA, Schmidt Ocean Institute, Mr Leighton Rolley
SCUFN29-04.2A Rev1

29 March 2016

Proposal (1) from France, Ifremer
22 January 2016 Proposal (1) from Denmark, Danish Geodata Agency
SCUFN29-04.4A Rev1 19 April 2016 Proposals (12 + 139) from Canada, Advisory Committee on Undersea Feature Names of Geographical Names Board of Canada
SCUFN29-04.5A 2 May 2016
Proposal (1) from UK, University of Oxford
SCUFN29-04.6A 24 May 2016
Proposals (2) from UK, Mr Lee Daniels
SCUFN29-04.7ARev1 2 Aug 2016 Proposals (2) from US, NOAA
SCUFN29-04.8A 20 July 2016 Proposals (31) from NZ, NZ Geographic Board (See also Docs. SCUFN29-05.2A)
SCUFN29-04.9A 20 July 2016 Proposals (4) from Malaysia, National Hydrographic Centre
SCUFN29-04.10A  27 July 2016 Proposals (7) from Brazil, DHN
SCUFN29-04.11A 2 Aug 2016
Proposals (2) from Dominican Republic, ANAMAR
SCUFN29-04.12A 17 Aug 2016 Proposals (23) from Japan, JHOD/JCUFN
SCUFN29-04.13A Rev1 12 Sep 2016 Proposals (2) from the Republic of Korea, KHOA/KCGN
SCUFN29-04.14A 18 Aug 2016 Proposal (1) from Russian Federation, SSC YMG
SCUFN29-04.15A Rev1
30 Aug 2016 Proposals (50) from China, CCUFN
SCUFN29-04.16A Rev1 22 Aug 2016 Proposal (1) from China, IOCAS (withdrawn on 22 Aug 2016))

SCUFN29-05.1A Rev1
30 Aug 2016 Report on ACUF Activities
17 Aug 2016 Report of the NZGB Undersea Names Committee:
- Reports of Fast-Track Review of Existing Names by SCUFN Sub-Group  (names submitted in 2014 (38) ,  in 2015 (23))
- Proposal for Fast-Track Review of Existing Names by SCUFN Sub-Group (names submitted in 2016 (23))
20 June 2016 Using the forward slash "/" to separate dual geographic feature names (Action SCUFN28/88 refers)
SCUFN29-05.2C 20 June 2016 Comments by SCUFN Vice Chair on the proposal to use dual names (Action SCUFN28/88 refers)
SCUFN29-05.2D 9 September 2016 NZGB Standard for Undersea Feature Names (NZGBS60000)
SCUFN29-05.2E 15 September 2016 NZGB's response to Doc. SCUFN29-05.2C
SCUFN29-05.3A 17 Aug 2016 Report from the UNGEGN 29 Session
SCUFN29-05.4A 8 September 2016
Report on Marine Regions Activities

SCUFN29-06A 20 July 2016 Proposal for initial review of a draft new Edition of Publication B-6
- B-6 in red-line version Word format
- Draft List of Allowed Geometries
SCUFN29-06B 30 September 2016 Status of website interface for submission and review of proposals
SCUFN29-06C 30 September 2016 Undersea Feature Names Project Team for the Development of S-100-based Products - Draft Terms of Reference and Rules of Procedure ( .doc.pdf ) - Useful Reference (Doc. SCUFN28-06B)

SCUFN29-07.1A Rev1
29 Sep 2016 Wish-list of improvements to the on-line interface of the GEBCO Gazetteer
Report and proposals by NOAA/NCEI on maintenance issues
SCUFN29-07.2A Rev2 19 Aug 2016 Maintenance of the Gazetteer database
SCUFN29-07.2B Rev1 19 Aug 2016 Monitoring the list of PENDING names
Procedure for editorial corrections in the Gazetteer, identified by, or
reported to SCUFN Members
Undersea Feature Names located in the territorial sea of a Coastal State and discussion on the role/scope of SCUFN - Proposal made by ACUFN, Canada
SCUFN and "micro" undersea features - Proposal for the development of a road map
SCUFN29-07.4B 23 June 2016 Useful Reference Doc. SCUFN25-08.1A

Draft SCUFN Programme of Work 2016-17 ( .doc , .pdf )