Baltic Sea Hydrographic Commission (BSHC)

15th Meeting 
21 - 23 September 2010, Gdynia, Poland

Last update: November 24, 2010

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BSHC15 Logo Logo for the 15th BSHC Meeting
BSHC15-1A Letter of Invitation
BSHC15-Programme Programme for BSHC15
BSHC15-Participants List of Participants
BSHC15-Administrative_Informatiion Administrative Information
BSHC15 Provisional Agenda Agenda
BSHC15-B1-IHB IHB Report
BSHC15-B2 Items from the IRCC2 Meeting
BSHC15-C1-Denmark National Report - Denmark
BSHC15-C1-Estonia National Report - Estonia
BSHC15-C1-Finland National Report of Finland
BSHC15-C1-Germany National Report - Germany
BSHC15-C1-Latvia National Report Latvia
BSHC15-C1-Lithuania National Report - Lithuania
BSHC15-C1-Poland National Report - Poland
BSHC15-C1-Sweden National Report - Sweden
BSHC15-C2-Denmark MSDI in the Baltic
BSHC15-C3-Germany Depiction of gas pipelines on nautical charts after consulting the authorities
BSHC15-D1-Germany Leisure craft charts for the Baltic Sea
BSHC15-D2-Finland HELCOM Moscow 2010 Ministerial Declaration
BSHC15-E1-Germany Introduction of new routeing measures in the Baltic Sea
BSHC15-E1.1-Denmark Changes to the routeing system in the Baltic Approaches
BSHC15-E2-Finland Proposed EU TEN-T project "MonaLisa"
BSHC15-F1-Finland ChartDatum WG Report to BSHC 15th Conference
BSHC15-F2-Finland BSICC Report to the BSHC 15th Conference
BSHC15-F3-Finland MWG Report to the BSHC 15th Conference
BSHC15-F4-Sweden Baltic Sea Bathymetric Database WG (BSBDWG) Report 2010
BSHC15-F5-Denmark BSHDIWG Report
BSHC15-F6-Denmark Status of recommendations
BSHC15-G1-Germany Methodology for assessing and displaying survey status