North Indian Ocean Hydrographic Commission (NIOHC)

16th Meeting 
2016 - Chittagong, Bangladesh (14 - 16 March)

Last update: 20 June 2016

Post Meeting Documents: [Report] [Photos]

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Document Title

NIOHC CL 01/2015 Handover_Chair_NIOHC_Chair-Meeting_dates-Agenda_input
NIOHC CL 02/2015 Acknowledgement_Takeover_NIOHC_Chair
NIOHC CL 03/2015 Request for Agenda Items
NIOHC CL 04/2015 Meeting Logistics and Registrations
NIOHC CL 04a/2015 Logistics Information
NIOHC CL 04b/2015 Registration Form (Word version)
NIOHC CL 04c/2015 Hotel Reservation Form (Word version)
NIOHC CL 05/2015 Industry Participation
NIOHC CL 01/2016 IHO Strategic Performance Indicators (SPIs) and Working Level Performance Indicators (WPI)
NIOHC CL 02/2016 NIOHC Report to the IRCC Annual Report
NIOHC CL 02/2016 Annex A NIOHC Report to the IRCC Annual Report Annex A
NIOHC CL 03/2016 MSDI and Data Management Course
NIOHC CL 03/2016 Annex A MSDI and Data Management Course Outline and Description
NIOHC CL 03/2016 Annex B Application Form Template for NIOHC MSDI course (Excel version)
NIOHC CL 04/2016 Letter from Rear Admiral Aurangzeb
NIOHC 16-01.5a Draft Agenda v3.0
NIOHC 16-01.5b Draft Annotated Agenda v2.0
NIOHC 16-01.5c Timetable v2.0
NIOHC 16-01.6 List of Documents
NIOHC 16-02 Minutes of 15th NIOHC Minutes of Meeting
NIOHC 16-03 Status of Actions from 15th NIOHC
NIOHC 16-04a NIOHC Statutes
NIOHC 16-04b Annex to Statutes-Selection and roles of rep on Council draft
NIOHC 16-04c App.1-Flow diagram for selection of Council seats in the NIOHC
NIOHC 16-04d App.2-Example of NIOHC Voting Paper for IHO Council
NIOHC 16-05.1 IHB Report
NIOHC16-05.2 NIOHC Report to IRCC7
NIOHC 16-05.3 IRCC7 Report
NIOHC 16-05.4 WENDWG5 Minutes
NIOHC 16-05.5 HSSC7 Minutes
NIOHC 16-06a Bangladesh National Report
NIOHC 16-06b Egypt National Report
NIOHC 16-06c India National Report
NIOHC 16-06d Myanmar National Report
NIOHC 16-06e Pakistan National Report
NIOHC 16-06f Saudi Arabia National Report
NIOHC 16-06g Sri Lanka National Report
NIOHC 16-06h Thailand National Report
NIOHC 16-06i UK National Report
NIOHC 16-06j Australia National Report
NIOHC 16-06j.1 Australia National Report Annex A
NIOHC 16-06k France National Report
NIOHC 16-06l Oman National Report
NIOHC 16-06m Mauritius National Report
NIOHC 16-06n Seychelles National Report
NIOHC 16-06o USA National Report
NIOHC 16-07.1a NICCWG Report
NIOHC 16-07.1b ENC Report
NIOHC 16-07.1c NICCWG French Submission
NIOHC 16-07.2 CB Review
NIOHC 16-07.2.4 IC-ENC training and CB
NIOHC 16-07.2.5 Report on Hydrographic cooperation in Mauritius
NIOHC 16-08.1 GEBCO report
NIOHC 16-09 NAVAREA Coordinator report on MSI and WWNWS
NIOHC 16-10 Data Centricity/e-Navigation
NIOHC 16-11 Maritime Disasters experience
NIOHC 16-12 Crowd-source Bathymetry
NIOHC 16-13 Satellite Derived Bathymetry
NIOHC 16-14 Bathymetric Survey in the Coastal Area of Bangladesh - A Challenging Experience for the Surveyors
NIOHC 16-15 Cat A and Cat B courses
NIOHC 16-16 Oman local geoid
NIOHC 16-18.1 IOC TWMS Report
NIOHC 16-22.1 Minutes (Word version)
NIOHC 16-22.2 List of Actions (Word version)
NIOHC 16 Industry Presentations .zip
NIOHC 16 List of Participants v1.0
NIOHC Statutes Annex A Procedure for the designation of NIOHC Representatives to the IHO Council
NIOHC Statutes Appendix 1 Flow diagram for selection of Council seats in the NIOHC
NIOHC Statutes Appendix 2 Example of NIOHC Voting Paper for IHO Council