8th CSPCWG Meeting
Turku, Finland, 29 November - 2 December 2011 

Last update: janvier 23, 2012

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Logistics Information

CSPCWG8-01A rev3

List of Documents

CSPCWG8-01B rev1

List of Meeting Participants

CSPCWG8-02A rev11


CSPCWG8-03A rev3 Status of Actions from CSPCWG-7
CSPCWG8-04.1A Report to HSSC-3 of CSPCWG
CSPCWG8-04.1B Report from HSSC-3 – notes from CSPCWG Chairman
CSPCWG8-04.2A Report to CSPCWG-8 on DIPWG activities
CSPCWG8-04.3A Report to CSPCWG-8 on TSMAD activities
CSPCWG8-04.4A Report to CSPCWG8 on HDWG activities
CSPCWG8-05A rev1 Terms of Reference for CSPCWG
CSPCWG8-06A CSPCWG Procedures
CSPCWG8-07A CSPCWG Work Plan update for HSSC-3
CSPCWG8-08.1A Depiction of Marine Farm Areas
CSPCWG8-08.2A Power Source Indication for Aids to Navigation
CSPCWG8-08.3A New symbol for FPSO/Tanker/Tug set
CSPCWG8-08.5A Coloured Light Flares
CSPCWG8-08.6A Major lights: any change required to definitions/symbols
CSPCWG8-08.6B Major Lights with 360 Degree Sectors
CSPCWG8-08.7A Generalization of Depths on Norway Charts
CSPCWG8-08.8A Submarine Cables issued by NM
CSPCWG8-08.9A Maintained / Dredged Areas
CSPCWG8-08.10A Submerged or floating tunnels
CSPCWG8-08.11A Using vertical clearance in black versus magenta for overhead cables
CSPCWG8-08.11B Physical and Safe Clearance Heights of Overhead Cables
CSPCWG8-08.12A Depiction of Limits of Adequately Surveyed Area
  Depiction of Limits of Adequately Surveyed Area (presentation)
CSPCWG8-08.13A Contouring by Automatic Generation tools
CSPCWG8-08.15A River Line Symbol
CSPCWG8-08.16A Cliff Symbol
CSPCWG8-08.17A Land Tint behind Title, Tidal Tables and Scales
CSPCWG8-08.18A Maximum authorized draughts
CSPCWG8-08.19A Depiction of Recording Stations
CSPCWG8-08.20A Adopting Danish national symbols as international symbols
CSPCWG8-08.21A Enhancement of the distinction between new and old soundings (sloped/upright)
CSPCWG8-09.1A Clarification of S-4: Use of abbreviations ‘GNSS’ and ‘GPS’
CSPCWG8-09.2A Progress with revision of S-4 Section B-300
CSPCWG8-09.3A Paper size for printing charts
CSPCWG8-09.4A Units and numerical values
CSPCWG8-09.5A Printing plans on the back of charts
CSPCWG8-09.6A CSPCWG Proposed addition to S-4: Chart purpose, minimum content
CSPCWG8-09.7A Berthing (large-scale) ENCs: consequences for SNC / S-4?
CSPCWG8-09.8A CSPCWG’s technical ‘standards’: should their application be monitored?
CSPCWG8-11.1A rev1 New structure for INT 1 sections K (and L) - Reissue of CSPCWG 7-11.3A
CSPCWG8-11.3A Development of a United States Combined Paper Chart and ECDIS Chart No.1
CSPCWG8-14.1A Update on outcomes from using ENC data from other nations to update paper charts
CSPCWG8-14.2A Award winning Norwegian charts


CSPCWG8-INF1 Relevant extracts from the ANNUAL REPORT OF THE IHO FOR 2010 (Ref: IHO CL 31/2011)
CSPCWG8-INF2 Summary of Results from the DQWG Questionnaire to Mariners
CSPCWG8-INF3 QR Code Enabled Nautical Charts
CSPCWG8-INF4 Notes from Arctic Regional Hydrographic Commission (ARHC)
CSPCWG8-INF5 New Presentation of Q130.1 & Q130.3 in the US Chart No. 1, Edition 12
CSPCWG8-INF6 Sound signals: aid to navigation or hazard warning?
CSPCWG8-INF7 Definition of Direction Lights
CSPCWG8-INF8 Arc-pointer


  Ocean Basemap (ESRI)
  NHS Print on Demand Service (HydroService, Jeppesen Marine)
  Presentation on "Final Report on the Analysis of the Responses to the Mariners Questionnaire", relating to chart data quality elements
  Demo on the "IHO Antarctic GIS"