9th CSPCWG Meeting
Seoul, Rep. of Korea, 13-16 November 2012 

Last update: juin 01, 2014

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Document No

Document Title

Logistics Information

CSPCWG9-01A rev2

List of Documents

CSPCWG9-01B rev1

List of Meeting Participants

CSPCWG9-02A rev5


CSPCWG9-03A rev1 Status of Actions from CSPCWG8
CSPCWG9-04.1A Report to HSSC4 of CSPCWG
CSPCWG9-04.1B Report from HSSC4 – Notes by CSPCWG Chairman
CSPCWG9-04.2A Report to CSPCWG9 on DIPWG activities
CSPCWG9-04.3A Report to CSPCWG9 on TSMAD activities
CSPCWG9-04.4A Report to CSPCWG9 on DQWG activities
CSPCWG9-04.5A Report to CSPCWG9 on HDWG activities
CSPCWG9-04.5B S-32: Definitions of Altitude, Elevation and Height
CSPCWG9-05A Terms of Reference for CSPCWG
CSPCWG9-06A CSPCWG Procedures
CSPCWG9-07A CSPCWG Work Plan update for HSSC4
CSPCWG9-08.1A Definitions of ‘major’ lights; sector width of direction lights
CSPCWG9-08.1B Group and Interrupted Q, VQ and UQ lights
CSPCWG9-08.1C Lights classification
CSPCWG9-08.1D Outstanding issues from CSPCWG Letter 08/2012
CSPCWG9-08.2A Light vessels
CSPCWG9-08.4A Disused Lighthouses with Minor Structures
CSPCWG9-08.5A ‘No Entry’ symbols
CSPCWG9-08.6A Depth quality indicators
CSPCWG9-08.6B Use of abbreviations PA, PD
CSPCWG9-08.7A Hovercraft and WIG effect craft routes
CSPCWG9-08.8A Radio-Activated Fog Signals
CSPCWG9-08.9A Toroidal buoys
CSPCWG9-08.10A Submarine Cables
CSPCWG9-08.11A ‘Swept depth’ symbol
CSPCWG9-08.12A Underwater moorings
CSPCWG9-08.13A References to ENC on paper charts
CSPCWG9-08.14A Maximum draught areas
CSPCWG9-08.15A Obstructions
CSPCWG9-08.16A Trawling prohibited
CSPCWG9-08.17A International symbol for footbridge
CSPCWG9-08.18A Use of spot heights and contours
CSPCWG9-08.19A Representation of depths
CSPCWG9-08.20A Representation of fairway
CSPCWG9-08.21A Depth information in Spoil Grounds
CSPCWG9-08.22A Maintained / Dredged Areas
CSPCWG9-09.1A Retention of obsolescent symbols in S-4
CSPCWG9-09.2A Paper Chart Text Styles
CSPCWG9-09.3A Recommendations for compilation practice (large scales first?)
CSPCWG9-09.4A Strengthening requirement to construct charts on WGS84
CSPCWG9-09.5A Layout of S-4
CSPCWG9-09.6A Impact and value of S-4 Part B-600, Chart Maintenance
CSPCWG9-09.7A Consideration of a legal case in Denmark
CSPCWG9-10.1A S-11 Part A
CSPCWG9-11.1A INT1 subWG Report
CSPCWG9-11.2.1A P/ECDIS U.S. Chart No. 1
CSPCWG9-11.3A Maritime Limit Tint bands
CSPCWG9-14.4A CSPCWG Elections
CSPCWG9-14.4B rev1 List of Candidates


CSPCWG9-INF1 Draft IEC 62288 Ed. 2 "Maritime navigation and radiocommunication equipment and systems"
CSPCWG9-INF2 Use of Survey Surfaces to assist in Compilation
CSPCWG9-INF3 Use of Topography and Other Items of Interest
CSPCWG9-INF4 INT 1 Register