Meso American - Caribbean Sea Hydrographic Commission (MACHC)

17th Meeting of the MACHC
14-17 December 2016 (Belém, Brazil)

MACHC Seminar on Raising Awareness of Hydrograph
MACHC Seminar on Satellite Derived Bathymetry
12-13 December 2016 (Belém, Brazil)

Last update: 02 novembre 2017

Post meeting documents:   [Minutes] [Annex A - Updated List of Actions] [Annex B - Updated MACHC Statutes] [Photo]
Logistics and Registration: MACHC Letter 8/2016 Registration Form
MACHC Seminar on Raising Awareness of Hydrography (Report with Programme and List of participants)
MACHC Seminar on Satellite Derived Bathymetry (Report with Programme and List of participants)


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Information about the City of Belém / Touristic Map


Agenda and Timetable (Chair)


List of documents (Chair) - This document

MACHC17-01.3B rev1

List of Participants (Chair)


Minutes of the MACHC16 Meeting (Chair)


Status of the Action List from MACHC16 (Chair) Presentation


MACHC Statutes (Chair) Presentation


IHO Secretariat Report (IHO Secretariat) Presentation


IRCC8 Report (Chair) Presentation


HSSC8 Report (Brazil) Presentation


MSI/WWNWS Report (USA-NGA) Presentation


IHO Resolution 1/2005 (Chair) Presentation
MACHC17-02.5.2 NGA Hurricane Matthew Support Presentation


National Report Antigua and Barbuda Presentation
MACHC17-03B National Report Barbados
MACHC17-03C National Report Belize Presentation
MACHC17-03D National Report Brazil Presentation
MACHC17-03E National Report Colombia Presentation
MACHC17-03F National Report Costa Rica
MACHC17-03G National Report Cuba Presentation
MACHC17-03H National Report Dominican Republic Presentation
MACHC17-03I National Report El Salvador Presentation
MACHC17-03J National Report France Presentation on IENWG
MACHC17-03K National Report Guatemala Presentation
MACHC17-03L National Report Guyana
MACHC17-03M National Report Haiti Presentation
MACHC17-03N National Report Honduras
MACHC17-03O National Report Jamaica
MACHC17-03P National Report Mexico Presentation Presentación
MACHC17-03Q National Report Netherlands Presentation
MACHC17-03R National Report Nicaragua Presentation
MACHC17-03S1 National Report Panama Presentation
MACHC17-03S2 Panama Canal Authority Report Presentation
MACHC17-03T National Report Saint Kitts and Nevis
MACHC17-03U National Report Saint Lucia
MACHC17-03V National Report Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Presentation
MACHC17-03W National Report Suriname Presentation
MACHC17-03X National Report Trinidad and Tobago
MACHC17-03Y National Report United Kingdom Presentation
MACHC17-03Z National Report United States of America Presentation
MACHC17-03AA National Report Venezuela Presentation
MACHC17-04.1 OECS Report (OECS)
MACHC17-04.2 National Report from Grenada
MACHC17-05.1 RAG Report (RAG Chair)
MACHC17-05.2A A risk-based approach taken by NOAA in order to determine their hydrographic survey priorities (USA-NOAA) Presentation
MACHC17-05.2B Risk Assessment in Maritime Navigation for the Greater Caribbean Region (UWI) Presentation
MACHC17-05.3A The latest activities in SDB and data assimilation (EOMAP) Presentation
MACHC17-05.3B Some common problems but maybe different solutions (Fugro) Presentation
MACHC17-05.3C SDB activities (SHOM) Presentation
MACHC17-05.4 Leveraging near real-time data processing to safely increase hydrographic production (Teledyne) Presentation
MACHC17-06.1 MEIP Report (MEIP Chair) Presentation
MACHC17-06.2 Status report on MSDI (OceanWise) Presentation
MACHC17-06.3 UN-GGIM Project for strengthening of SDI in the Caribbean (INEGI) Presentation
MACHC17-06.4 GEBCO/IBCCA Presentation
MACHC17-06.5 GEBCO Seabed 2030
MACHC17-06.7A Marine Cadastre as an application of MSDI  (IIC Technologies) Presentation
MACHC17-06.7B Smart Telemetry (OceanWise) Presentation
MACHC17-07.1 MICC Report (MICC Chair) Presentation
MACHC17-07.2 RENC Activities Update (IC-ENC) Presentation
MACHC17-07.3A Brazilian Inland ENCs (Brazil) Presentation
MACHC17-07.3B River Charts vs Coastal Charts Compilation (IIC) Presentation
MACHC17-08.1 IMO Report (IMO) Presentation
MACHC17-08.2 IALA Report (IALA)
MACHC17-09.1 The CMOU and the synergies that exist between the CMOU and the MACHC (CMOU Chair)
MACHC17-09.2 THSOA Latin American Chapter Report (THSOA) Presentation
MACHC17-10.1 CBC Report (CBC Chair) Presentation
MACHC17-10.2 CBSC14 Report (CBC Chair) Presentation
MACHC17-10.3 FOCAHIMECA Report (Mexico) Presentation Presentación
MACHC17-10.4 Mexican Hydrographic Convention (Mexico) Presentation Presentación
MACHC17-10.5 IALA WW Academy Report (IALA) Presentation
MACHC17-10.6 PAIGH Report (PAIGH)
MACHC17-10.7A UKHO MACHC Region International Development and Data Gathering (UKHO) Presentation
MACHC17-10.7B Hydrographic Certification in Canada (IIC Technologies) Presentation
MACHC17-11.4A MACHC17 Action List (Chair) Presentation
MACHC17-11.4B MACHC17 Decision List (Chair) Presentation
MACHC17-11.6 Proposal to host MACHC18 (Cuba)