Meso American - Caribbean Sea Hydrographic Commission (MACHC)

19th Meeting of the MACHC
28 November - 1 December 2018 (Cartagena de Indias, Colombia)

MACHC Seminar on Dealing with Maritime Disasters
26 - 27 November 2018 (Cartagena de Indias, Colombia)

Last update: 27 February 2019

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Document No

Document Title


CBC Agenda (CBC Chair)


CBC CB Plan 2018-2020(CBC Chair)


MICC Agenda (MICC Chair)


MEIP Agenda (MEIP Chair)

MACHC19-01.2 Rev2

Agenda and Timetable (Chair)


List of documents (Chair) - This document


List of Participants (Chair)


Minutes of the MACHC18 Meeting (Chair) (Word)


Status of the Action List from MACHC18 (Chair) (Word)


IHO Secretariat Report (IHO Secretariat)


IHO Council Report (Council Chair)


IRCC10 Report (USA)


Version 2 of IHO Resolution 2/1997 (USA) Presentation


HSSC10 Report (Chair, USA)


MSI/WWNWS Report (Chair)


National Reports (templates: Report and Presentation)


National Report Antigua and Barbuda Presentation
MACHC19-03B National Report Barbados
MACHC19-03C National Report Belize
MACHC19-03D National Report Brazil Presentation
MACHC19-03E National Report Colombia Presentation
MACHC19-03F National Report Costa Rica Presentation
MACHC19-03G National Report Cuba
MACHC19-03H National Report Dominican Republic
MACHC19-03I National Report El Salvador Presentation
MACHC19-03J National Report France Presentation
MACHC19-03K National Report Grenada
MACHC19-03L National Report Guatemala Presentation
MACHC19-03M National Report Guyana Presentation
MACHC19-03N National Report Haiti
MACHC19-03O National Report Honduras
MACHC19-03P National Report Jamaica Presentation
MACHC19-03Q National Report Mexico
MACHC19-03R National Report Netherlands Presentation
MACHC19-03S National Report Nicaragua
MACHC19-03T1 National Report Panama - Maritime Authority
MACHC19-03T2 National Report Panama - Canal Authority
MACHC19-03U National Report Saint Kitts and Nevis
MACHC19-03V National Report Saint Lucia
MACHC19-03W National Report Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Presentation
MACHC19-03X National Report Suriname Presentation
MACHC19-03Y National Report Trinidad and Tobago Presentation
MACHC19-03Z National Report United Kingdom Presentation
MACHC19-03AA National Report United States of America Presentation
MACHC19-03AB National Report Venezuela Presentation
  Reports from Other States and Organizations
MACHC19-04.1A Tsunami and other Coastal Hazards Warning System for the Caribbean and Adjacent Regions (ICG/Caribe EWS)
MACHC19-04.1B Update of COCATRAM on its Regional Projects
MACHC19-04.1C National Report Montserrat
  Other Reports
MACHC19-05.1 Capacity Building Committee Report (CBC Chair)
MACHC19-05.2 Update on FOCAHIMECA Report (Mexico)
MACHC19-05.3 Update of UK on its Regional Projects (UK) (see UK National Report)
MACHC19-05.4 Update of Brazil on its Regional Projects (Brazil)
MACHC19-05.5 Update of France on its Regional Projects (France)
MACHC19-05.6 Update of Spain on its Regional Projects (Spain) Presentation
MACHC19-05.7 Fugro Academy and its IHO Cat "B" Hydrographic Course (Fugro)
MACHC19-05.8 Update of IOCARIBE on its Regional Projects (IOCARIBE) (during CB Seminar)
MACHC19-05.9 Latin America Chapter of the Hydrographic Society of America: for the Growth of Hydrography in the Region (THSOA)
MACHC19-05.10 Standards of Competence for Hydrographic Surveyors and Nautical Cartographers (IHO Sec.)
MACHC19-05.11 Capacity Development e-learning Training in Hydrographic Governance (IMarEst)
MACHC19-05.12 ROK Hydrography Category "B" Program (IHO Secretariat)
MACHC19-06.1 Risk assessment regional project (UWI)
MACHC19-06.2 Accident statistics and analysis of AIS data for the Caribbean (UWI)
MACHC19-06.4 GEBCO/Seabed 2030 (Atlantic/Indian Oceans Regional Data Center)
MACHC19-06.5 Evolution of Hydroacoustic Hydrographic Survey, from the vessel to the office (Kongsberg)
MACHC19-06.6 The new Fugro RAMMS Bathymetric Multibeam Lidar System (Fugro)
MACHC19-06.7 SDB work in the Caribbean: applications for machine learning and process automation (TCarta)
MACHC19-06.8 Remote Environmental Monitoring Systems (AXYS)
MACHC19-07A Draft MACHC Response to Disasters Framework Word
MACHC19-07B Draft amendments to IHO Resolution 1/2005 proposed by Japan
MACHC19-07.1 Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency
MACHC19-07.2A National Response Plans - Mexico
MACHC19-07.3A Survey Summary on Bathymetry for Caribbean Early Warning System (IOC)
MACHC19-07.3B Bathymetry Inundation Inventory (IOC)
MACHC19-07.3C National Tsunami Warning System Points of Contact (IOC)
MACHC19-08.1 UN/GGIM (Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management) (Chair)
MACHC19-08.2 Tri-national Initiative for Marine Science and Conservation in the Gulf of Mexico and Western Caribbean (Regional Coordinator)
MACHC19-08.3 Caribbean Marine Atlas (Regional Coordinator)
MACHC19-08.4 Evolving into a Hydrospatial Agency (ESRI)
MACHC19-08.5 Data Management Training (OceanWise)
MACHC19-08.6 Hydrographic Data as a Service (Teledyne Caris)
MACHC19-08.7 MEIP/MSDIWG Report (Chair)
MACHC19-08.7 MSDIWG ToR (Chair)
MACHC19-09.1 MICC Report (Chair)
MACHC19-09.2 Streaming ENC (and other data) Data from a Cloud Based Open Sourced Database (IIC)
MACHC19-10.5 Proposal to host the next MACHC20 Conference (Dominican Republic)